Anessa debates on whether or not to sue the Diomedeses

As Alejo becomes more involved with Anessa’s plight, people begin to question his intentions for Anessa. Athena and Demetria are also wondering about Alejo’s motives.

Anessa finds it hard to win JR/Emman over, more so because she finds out from Emman that Eros and Alexis have been good parents. Alexis, on her part, contends with Eros’s uncertain temper and wishes for their family to be whole again, even now that JR is gone.

Atty. Eva Custodio, along with people close to her such as Nancy and Roger, push Anessa to sue the Diomedeses, so she will no longer need to live in hiding.

Meanwhile, Eros and Romulos, for their own reasons, race to get to Anessa first. Eros finds out about Anessa’s link to Atty. Eva and he barges and terrorizes her in her office. Atty. Eva stands her ground against Eros.

Iris, disgusted with the man she calls father, leaves home and asks Leandros and Anessa to take her in.