An unknown Aswang kills people

Rosario answers “yes” to Juan’s proposal and Juan is ecstatic. He and Tata Julian even go to return the steel cross to its original dwelling place. Finally, everything is falling into place for Juan. Evil has been annihilated, the world is at peace and he can finally live a normal life.

However, as they go about wedding preparations, Loley dreams of a Rosario wearing a wedding dress but she’s dead. Juan is also having bad dreams and his dreams actually happen for real like seeing “Alakdan man” dead. People are found dead, bearing marks of being killed by an Aswang.

Juan is worried, but didn’t want Rosario to worry so he pretends that everything is all right and he is not affected by the news. But then people come to his place and ask for his help in fighting what they think is an Aswang.

Juan has no choice but to get the steel cross and resume his duties as the Tagabantay. Who is this Aswang who seem to have escaped death?

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