Amparo pays Makoy to put Isabel’s life in danger

Stella and Amparo set off a plan to put Isabel’s life in danger. Amparo contacts Makoy and he agrees to do it for a sum.

Guido goes to visit Makoy’s friend in prison. He confirms that Makoy is behind Guido’s holdup.

Nonetheless, Guido is still determined to make a better life for himself. With the help of Mang Gusting, he sets up a siomai cart in time for Elsa’s wedding next day. Annaliza also helps him.

Jeric agrees to sing at the wedding and Bianca, who is his girlfriend now, will also be there. Lui is going to attend with Elsa’s cousin. Makoy also plans on being present.

In the meantime, Stella accompanies Laz and Isabel to Divisoria and Amparo calls Makoy to let him know where they can get their hands on Isabel.

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