Alex slaps Chichay

Alex has her hair done and dresses up for Ryan who doesn’t notice because he is too preoccupied with what he has just learned: that Chichay used to be his girlfriend.

Alex goes to Chichay and tells her how badly she feels. In her desperation, she tells Chichay that she will do anything, even become like Chichay just so Ryan will love her again. Chichay pities her and tells her that it is not her fault, that in fact she was Ryan’s ex-girlfriend. Alex takes offense that Chichay didn’t tell them about it, that maybe she intended for Ryan to fall in love with her again so that’s why she kept them in the dark. Feeling betrayed by a friend, Alex gives Chichay a resounding slap. What will Alex do now that she knows Chichay’s secret?

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