After Bohol and Cebu, will another 7.2 magnitude quake hit Metro Manila?

What could happen if a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that jolted Visayas recently occurs in a highly urbanized area like Metro Manila? Broadcast journalist Ted Failon finds the answers in “Failon Ngayon” this Saturday (October 19).

The 7.2 magnitude earthquake, which killed hundreds of people and destroyed millions of pesos worth of infrastructure in Bohol and Cebu last Tuesday, might also hit Metro Manila according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs). Seismologists likened the said earthquake to 32 atomic bombs dropped on in Hiroshima, Japan during World War 2.

The Phivolcs explained that the west valley fault line, one of the active faults in the country found in San Mateo, Rizal crossing to Taguig City, is now ripe for movement because it has not moved for 200 years.
In the episode, Ted also enumerates the areas in the country that are vulnerable to deadly quakes and checks on the situation and the survivors in Bohol.

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