Adrian infuriates Monica

Adrian successfully gets Love Beer as a client, even if the client already said yes to Monica. This infuriates Monica because this becomes a reason for some people in her company, especially her Kuya Javy, to undermine her talents. She googles Adrian and learns that he is the same guy who gave her the Whitney Houston record.

The next time she meets him, she makes sure Adrian feels her animosity. She also slaps him because she thinks he touched her butt.

AlsO Javy makes sure that Monica gets as little chance as possible in their company.

Adrian, meanwhile, gets disappointed when his company doesn’t even give him a reward or a promotion for the big client that he brought in for them. He is the breadwinner and his family has pressing needs. He doesn’t know what to feel when suddenly, a man from their rival company offers him a job. Will he accept it?

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