A calamity devastates the town of San Juan Bautista on “My Little Juan”

A strong typhoon flooded San Juan Bautista that made the townsmen evacuate at the local school and blame Juan for the misfortune they are experiencing. When nobody seems to want Juan around, Father Cito assigns the dejected Juan to the food storage area where he catches selfish Lester and his buds feasting on the limited supplies. He tries to stop them and gets pushed over, making the food scattered to the floor. Lester and his friends run off thus, Juan suffers the blame and is sent to an empty classroom.

Meanwhile, while everyone is panicking, Donya Tomasa refuses to evacuate her home for she has to mingle with the rest of the villagers at the public school. But since the flood continues to rise it leaves her with no choice. When the other townspeople refuse to have her presence around, the mayor made her stay in the classroom that Juan was also waiting in. Donya Tomasa eventually breaks down after relating her childhood experiences to Juan and vows to take her revenge on the people of San Juan Bautista. 

Will Donya Tomasa survive the storm? Will the villagers know of her deep-seethed anger towards them? Keep on watching, “My Little Juan,” weekdays after “It’s Showtime” on Kapamilya Gold.