A baby is born to Mercedes and Luis on ‘Maria Mercedes’

On the finale episode of “Maria Mercedes,” Misty lures Luis away from Mercedes by telling him that she is going to surrender to the police. When Mercedes is alone, Misty suddenly attacks her. Mercedes tries to fight but Misty is stronger. Malvina, however, comes out of nowhere and shoots Misty. Malvina gladly does this for her family even if it meant her own freedom. 

A few months after, Misty is locked up in an asylum still dreaming of a wedding with Luis. Bettina goes there to visit her and assures Misty of her love.  Digna, who is now working at San Carmelo, visits her mother in prison, and shows Malvina her newly born granddaughter. 

Lastly, Luis and Mercedes, now with baby Maria, profess eternal love for each other.