14 Pairs Embark On Life-Changing Journey In "Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles"

Fourteen pairs of overweight Filipinos embark on a journey that will change their lives beginning Monday (Feb. 3) with the much-anticipated premiere of the country’s biggest reality show, “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles.”

The reality show’s second Philippine edition is hosted by acclaimed actress Iza Calzado. She will be joined by challenge masters Matteo Guidicelli and Robi Domingo, along with fitness coaches Jim and Toni Saret who will train and help the contestants reclaim their health.

After scouring the country for pairs with heartwarming stories, “Biggest Loser Doubles” will introduce in its premiere the 14 pairs of contestants Filipinos can draw inspiration from.

Both in their early 20s, brothers Ralph and Christian are successful businessmen who joined “Biggest Loser” because they believe that the people they work with will respect them and take them more seriously if they are physically fit. 
Sisters Tin and Dianne, on the other hand, are both very pretty and charming, but claim they have never had a boyfriend because of their obesity. 
Married couple Carl and Kayen made a promise to each other to not only lose weight but also to become a better husband and wife for each other and become better parents to their three-year-old son. 
Eating has always been siblings Bryan and Ikya’s way of bonding with each other,  both believe that they started gaining weight when a doctor prescribed them “pampagana” medicines when they were kids. 
Both from Cebu, the "happy and gay" Bien and his girl best friend Mai have been officemates in a call center for three years and instantly became friends because of their huge appetite for fun, food, and drinking alcohol.  
Tristan and Jepoy have been friends for more than 20 years since high school. In Tanza, Cavite where they are from, they are the biggest and heaviest in their barkada. 
Cousins Lovely and Carol have been witnesses to each other’s tragedies in life. Now they are on both on a quest to regain their health back for themselves and for their families.
Meanwhile, it has always been twins Chrisfer and Chesfer’s goal to get fit, a promise they made to their father before he passed away at an early age due to obesity.
Both from well-known showbiz families, Pat and Cathy are well acquainted with the limelight. Pat is the daughter of Yayo Aguila and William Martinez, while Cathy comes from the showbiz clan of the Revillas. Though their parents work in the same industry, they have never met each other and are one of the “stranger pairs” of this edition.
Cherry and Randall have been best friends since their college days in UST where they met as members of the Salinggawi Dance Troupe. After they graduated from college, both have lived their respective lives and gained weight. 
The next “Biggest Loser Doubles” pair met and became friends while competing against each other at a local beauty pageant called Bilbiling Mandaluyong, a pageant for obese women, where Benzi was named the Bilbiling Mandaluyong 2012 and Ysai was named the first runner-up.
Francis and Andrew, the show’s second stranger pair, both have their families as their inspiration. Andrew wants to get fit for his girlfriend and his future kids.
Mommy Osie used to express her love for her kids through food, but this has only led to their weight gain over the years. Now, Mommy Osie wants to correct this by joining “Biggest Loser” with her daughter Nina.
Biggie turned to drugs as a means to lost weight, until it was found out one day by his girlfriend Valerie. As they continue to build their relationship, they are ready for their second chance at life.
In the first week of “Biggest Loser Doubles,” the 14 pairs will go through pre-camp, the first part of the competition where they will be asked to lose weight on their own, using only the things that are readily available in their homes and environment, for 30 days.
The 14 pairs will then meet and weigh themselves on the "Timbangan ng Bayan," which will determine which of the pairs lost the highest percentage of their total weight and enter the “Biggest Loser Doubles” camp.
Inside the camp, each pair is expected to do everything it takes to stay in the competition and encourage each other to lose weight — a twist that will also test their relationship as relatives, work colleagues, or friends and will show that in having a partner, the journey to a better life will be lighter.
Watch them change not only their bodies, but also their lives as they compete with each other in a bid to win P1 million, appliance showcase, P100,000 worth of sports merchandise from Toby’s, lifetime gym membership at Gold’s Gym, a kitchen showcase, among others.  

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