“My Puhunan” helps aspiring entrepreneurs start their own business
Broadcast journalist Karen Davila will help ordinary Filipinos jumpstart their own businesses in her new current affairs program “My Puhunan,” which begins on Wednesday (July 17) on ABS-CBN.

Both inspirational and aspirational, “My Puhunan” will empower aspiring entrepreneurs, who may have been held back by poverty, circumstance, or lack of skills. Through mentorship from successful entrepreneurs who started from rags to riches, dreamers will become more equipped with the knowledge, skills, and small capital to put up their own business.

To bring about this positive change in their lives, Karen Davila will serve as a bridge between the mentor and the dreamer. The program’s “My Idol’s Puhunan!” segment, on the other hand, will also feature famous celebrities and their businesses.

For its pilot episode, “My Puhunan” will highlight the life of laundrywoman Ginalyn, whose lifelong ambition is to put up her own eatery. Like Ginalyn, mentor Beverly was also poor, until she took a risk and spent her last P1,000, which was meant for payment of her family’s electric bill, on selling her special lugaw. Five years later, Beverly is now a millionaire.

Beverly will teach Ginalyn how to make it on top as a so-called “lugaw queen.” Given the chance, will Ginalyn be able to prosper through cooking and selling lugaw?

Karen, meanwhile, will visit the milkshake store of “Be Careful with My Heart” star Jodi Sta. Maria and sample some of the best concoctions at her “The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory.” Why did Jodi decide to get into the beverage industry? What is Jodi like as a businesswoman?

Watch “My Puhunan” with Karen Davila beginning Wednesday (July 17), 4:15 PM.