'Demandahan' examines the difference between robbery and theft

Broadcast journalist Anthony Taberna examines the difference between robbery and theft cases this Thursday (July 11) in “Pinoy True Stories: Demandahan.”
In the episode, Anthony reviews a robbery with homicide case that was reduced to simple theft by the Supreme Court.
Twenty-year old model “Hope” was walking on a deserted sidewalk on her way home when two men riding a motorcycle grabbed her shoulder bag. Fortunately, a taxi driver witnessed the incident and chased the suspects with his cab until the motorcycle driver lost control and crashed.
One of the suspects died promptly due to head injuries. Because of his accomplice's death, “Jopet,” the suspect who survived the accident, was charged and proven guilty of robbery with homicide by the Regional Trial Court. The Supreme Court, however, reduced the case to theft.
What was the basis of the Supreme Court for reducing the charges against Jopet? What is the difference between robbery and theft? 
Find out in “Pinoy True Stories: Demandahan” this Thursday (July 11), 4:30pm on ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gold.