Piolo Pascual: From Bit and Supporting Roles to the Ultimate Hunk of Showbiz - Part 1

Celebrating his birthday today is everyone's (or almost everyone's) crush, no other than Ultimate Hunk Piolo Pascual. The film and television actor, musician, and model probably owes his good looks from the combination of his Spanish and German roots and Filipino blood. His grandfather, Harold Herzig, is a full-blooded German, while his grandmother is a Filipina of Spanish descent. The family patriarch died young which led to the remarriage of Piolo's grandmother to a Pascual.

Though his father, Philip Victoriano Pascual, was a casting director for international films the actor can't recall if this contributed to her choice of career in the entertainment industry. His first movie was The Vizconde Massacre Story (God Help Us!) in 1993. It was in 1994 when Piolo first appeared on TV through the youth-oriented talent and variety show. He was still in third year high school then.

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