Pilipinas Got Talent: Season 2 Throwback - Part 1

We've witnessed some of the best when it comes to Filipino talent, thanks to the program Pilipinas Got Talent. The program was advertised as the first and only nationwide talent reality show in the Philippines when launched in 2010. To date, four seasons of the show have provided exposure to various Filipinos who can belt out a tune, bust a move, show off some magic, and other performances.

As we approach yet another season of PGT, let's do a throwback of the finalists of Season 2.

1) Filogram

A dance crew and group of choreographers from Baguio City wowed the judges during the elimination round and got into the semi-finals. They featured the basic moves of locking and popping with a twist as a tribute to the pioneers and icons of dance.

2) Angel Calalas

Twenty-two-year-old Angel from Cainta, Rizal conquered the dance floor with her jaw-dropping tricks while using the hula hoop.

3) DJP Trio

The singing trio, with ages 10 & 11, from Negros Occidental belted out classic love songs and floored the judges of PGT.

4) Jose Emmanuel "Jem" Cubil

Jem of Talisay City, Cebu treated the exposure through PGT as a new beginning for him as a musician. He proved that Cebuanos are talented artists.

5) Skeights

Pronounced as "skates," Skeights from Davao City has skaters for its band members. Aside from drums and electric guitars, they also made use of the violin and keyboards.


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