PAANDAR 2019: Funniest bloopers on the set of Kapamilya teleseryes

As much as Filipinos love watching intense conflict and tear-jerking drama, the sets of these Kapamilya teleseryes are not always so serious. From mispronouncing words or forgetting them all together to the uncontrollable laughter, there are moments when the actors end up breaking character for the funniest reasons. Here are some of the most hilarious bloopers from some of your favorite shows!

Kadenang Ginto 

Daniela (Dimples Romana) is a fierce and scary opponent, except for when she misses her cue and makes the wrong entrance in a scene. There is another instance when she broke a shoe as she angrily stomped over to Carlos (Adrian Alandy). Like mother like daughter, there are also times when Marga (Andrea Brillantes) cannot keep a straight face. It does not help when she can hear the director’s laughter.


The General’s Daughter

Billet (Kim Molina) tried and failed to befriend one of the kids on set. Beside her in the scene, Rhian (Angel Locsin) laughed and reminded her co-star about personal space. Although, the lead actress is not so perfect herself, after all she almost broke a prop in a scene with Franco (Paulo Avelino). Shooting outdoors, Ivan (Ronnie Alonte) had to endure getting bitten by bugs. But this did not stop a fly from landing on Amelia’s (Janice de Belen) forehead even indoors.


Hiwaga ng Kambat

Watching Iking (Edward Barber) and Sarah (Maymay Entrata) must have been a fun adventure for fans. The behind-the-scenes moments, however, are just as exciting. MayWard is more than willing to goof around with the camera. They also tease each other and naturally act cute together.


Parasite Island

Forgotten lines, unexpected coughing and make-up retouches are all part of this show’s outtakes. But the one their cast is most guilty of is the giggles. Jessie (Rafael Rosell) and Gary (Bernard Palanca) could not hold it in when an old man tried to tell them about the Golden Parasite. Later on, Melba (Bianca Manalo) too faced the challenge when she met the same old man. The actress then passed the contagious laughter to Janelle (Ria Atayde) and even the crew.



Children are bound to make mistakes on set. Luckily, Buboy (Enzo Pelorejo) and the rest of this primetime series’ young cast has the cutest reaction when forgetting their lines. Meanwhile, even the more veteran actors on set also tend to lose focus from time to time. Teresa (Judy Ann Santos) once forgot that she was supposed to be drunk in a scene. In another instance, she had to repeat the same lines over and over again because a motorcycle kept distracting her.

Whenever you need a laugh, these exclusive behind-the-scenes moments are all you need! They remind us that there is always a reason to smile, despite all the drama that is going on in our lives.