PAANDAR 2019: 20 Kapamilya teleserye kontrabidas of 2019 we all loved to hate

In every story, there will always be good and bad elements. There are those protagonists who will inspire us to choose the right thing and strive to become a better person, no matter what life throws at us. Meanwhile, there are also the antagonists who will trigger us to think about those deepest, darkest desires in ourselves and as they continue to do those things, their stories show us what consequences we might face if we let those negativities consume us.

Before 2019 ends, let us look back on the most ferocious ‘kontrabidas’ who spiced up our teleserye viewing as they spread wickedness in Kapamilya teleseryes.

1. Stella Simbajon Cortes (Alice Dixson), Ngayon at Kailanman

Portrayed by the Fil-Am actress and former beauty queen Alice Dixson, Stella was a greedy woman who would do anything just to maintain her position in the upper class of society. When she found out that her husband Hernan (Christian Vasquez) didn’t want the same thing, she dragged him to commit a heinous crime- killing his only brother, Rodrigo (TJ Trinidad). To really ensure that she and her family wouldn’t have a rival on the wealth of Hernan’s family, Stella ordered her henchmen to kill the wife and only daughter of Rodrigo. Nevertheless, no matter how many times she tried to wipe them out on earth, Stella did not succeed. She spent her life miserably behind bars in the end.


2. Homer “Alakdan” Adlawan (Jhong Hilario), FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Homer met Cardo (Coco Martin) when the latter joined the rebel group Pulang Araw and infiltrated it as a loyal soldier of the country. Although the said group had a bad reputation being tagged as rebels, Cardo discovered that some of them weren’t really bad people. Nevertheless, Homer wasn’t one of those. He was a true-blooded criminal, who’s ready to kill and destroy just to gain power. 

Despite successfully annihilating many people, he paid for all his crimes by attaining multiple gunshots from Cardo’s gun, resulting to his death. 

Homer was the most prominent role to date of It’s Showtime host and Makati City’s Councilor Jhong Hilario.


3. Dante "Bungo" Madarang (Baron Geisler), FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

With a vengeful heart towards Cardo (Coco Martin), Dante spread horror in the country by insanely killing whomever he wanted to kill. He also acted like a king in his hometown and anyone who didn’t bow to his rules get a taste of his viciousness. His twin brother died several years ago and it was Cardo’s twin brother, Ador, who killed him during a police operation. Thus, Dante vowed to destroy Cardo’s life and kill him. Dante was able to kill Cardo’s closest friends including PCpt. (PS/Insp.) Francisco "Chikoy" Rivera (Michael Roy Jornales) and PMaj. (PC/Insp.) Alessandra "Alex" T. Romero (Denise Laurel). But in the end, he had a gruesome death through gunshots and an explosion from the bomb that he placed on his chest.

Dante was the comeback role of actor/businessman Baron Geisler.


4. Renato "Buwitre" Hipolito (John Arcilla), FPJ's Ang Probinsyano

From being part of the rebel group Pulang Araw and being a corrupt senator in office, Renato now became a syndicate leader and currently strives to become the most powerful criminal in the country. Whatever happens to him, he always finds a way to survive by being a merciless person who is loyal to no one but himself. Currently, Renato still manages to get away from the punishment that is waiting for him. Although he still remains as one of the country’s most notorious criminals, Cardo (Coco Martin) and all the law enforcers are continuously making every effort to make him pay for his crimes. Renato is played by multi-awarded veteran actor John Arcilla.

5. Jade Flores-Bartolome (Yam Concepcion), Halik

Driven by her ambition and devoured by jealousy, Jade left her husband Lino (Jericho Rosales) and let herself become a mistress to Ace (Sam Milby). Her desire for wealth and attention pushed her to become the most scandalous mistress in town, but not to the extent of killing anyone. When she discovered that Ace could ruthlessly kill a person, she made every effort to get away from him. She faced the consequences of her sins through imprisonment and after she regained her freedom, she decided to become a good friend to Lino and a good mother to their son. 

For portraying Jade, Yam Concepcion was awarded as the most “Trending Teleserye Actress” in the Philippine Social Media Awards and as “Best Actress” in the Gawad Pilipino Awards.


6. Ace Corpuz (Sam Milby), Halik

Played by the multi-talented Fil-Am actor Sam Milby, Ace was a womanizer who used his wealth to get away from all his mischievous deeds. At first he was just a clever cheater, but then, he became a murderer when he killed Aliyah (Bianca King), the woman who used him to get what she wanted. After being wounded by Jade through gunshots on his shoulder and on his manhood, he was captured by the police and served lifetime imprisonment for all his crimes.


7. Natalia Cortes-Smith (Maxene Magalona), Playhouse

Played by Maxene Magalona, Natalia was the perky and bratty woman who pestered the life of Patty (Angelica Panganiban). After her only sibling died, she went back from the US to the Philippines. She was pushed by her boyfriend Peter (Ivan Padilla) to ensure that her brother’s wealth would go to her hands by becoming the legal guardian of her nephew Robin (JJ Quilantang). As someone who grew up as a spoiled brat, she went on with her lover’s plan at first. But when she saw Peter’s true colors after they got married and she became a battered wife, as well as learning how to love her nephew, Natalia changed for the better in the end.


8. Margaret “Marga” M. Bartolome (Andrea Brillantes), Kadenang Ginto

Because of how her mother has raised her, Marga is a spoiled brat who always strives to be number one in anything. She sees Cassie (Francine Diaz) as her stiffest rival in everything that she wants. Although she still has that mischievous character, she is currently learning the value of righteousness and being a good person because of the love she has found in MIkoy (Seth Fedelin). 
Marga is the first antagonist role of Andrea Brillantes, a rising teen actress who started in showbiz as a child star back in 2010.


9. Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome (Dimples Romana), Kadenang Ginto

As a daughter of a business tycoon, Daniela feels entitled and thinks that she must always be the most powerful woman with her family’s wealth and their reputation. But when the kind-hearted and righteous Romina (Beauty Gonzales) became her stepmother, Daniela became even more wicked and vowed to make her life a living hell. Currently, she still does everything to make Romina suffer but not to the extent of becoming a murderer in executing her wrongful plans. 

As of this writing, Daniela is the most prominent antagonistic role of versatile and acclaimed actress Dimples Romana.


10. Alba Santillan (Roxanne Barcelo/Isabel Rivas), Precious Heart Romances Presents: Los Bastardos

Despite knowing that Roman (Geoff Eigenmann/Ronaldo Valdez) was already married, Alba did everything she can to have him all for herself. She tried to kill his wife and son but did not succeed in the end. When she got older, she became insane because of being haunted by her crimes and of still not being loved by the man she’d been obsessed with despite all her efforts. She got herself killed in the end by falling off a cliff. The young Alba was played by singer-actress Roxanne Barcelo while the older version was played by veteran actress-businesswoman Isabel Rivas.


11. Dulce Silverio (Kylie Verzosa), Precious Heart Romances Presents: Los Bastardos

Portrayed by crowned Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa, Dulce used to be a kind-hearted, noble doctor who transformed into an insanely wicked woman after she met her evil biological mother. Her mind was poisoned and because of being her mom’s accomplice in running multiple illegal businesses and killing people, not to mention making the life of her ex-best friend Isay (Maxine Medina) a living hell because of her marriage to Isagani (Jake Cuenca), she spent the rest of her days miserably behind bars at the end of the story.


12. Santiago "Heneral Tiago" Guerrero Sr. (Tirso Cruz III), The General's Daughter

After being held captive by rebels, Tiago transformed from being a righteous soldier into a deceitful and lawless man. He blamed his former bestfriend Marcial (Albert Martinez) for all the tragic events in his life, even though those painful situations were just the consequences of the wrongful things he did. Although he always managed to get away with everything, he was brutally killed through getting caught in an explosion by a bomb on his chest. The bomb exploded after he was beaten up by Rhian (Angel Locsin), Marcial’s biological daughter whom Tiago raised and tortured over and over. 

Tiago was played by veteran actor Tirso Cruz III.


13. Katrina Balingit-Salvador (Cristine Reyes), Nang Ngumiti ang Langit



Ambitious and greedy, Katrina did everything to stay wealthy. Blinded by material things, she believed that what she did was for her children, even though everything she did only hurt them even more. She killed her own husband and tried to kill the young and innocent Mikmik (Sophia Reola) while trying to steal the Salvador’s riches as well. She paid her crimes in the end through imprisonment. 

Versatile actress Cristine Reyes played the role of Katrina.


14. Mateo E. Baron (Grae Fernandez), Hiwaga ng Kambat

Because of his evil father Zandro (Epi Quizon), Mateo had believed a lie. He thought that obeying his father was making him a noble person and couldn’t see that he was becoming a bad person instead. When he met the ‘Paniki Boy’ named Iking (Edward Barber), he discovered all the crimes of his father and had the chance to change for the better. 

Mateo was played by rising teen star Grae Fernandez.


15. Julie Iris "Juris" Miranda-Montelibano (Bela Padilla), Sino ang Maysala? Mea Culpa

Due to being raped over and over as one of the teens who were held captive by a syndicate group, Juris’ trauma was triggered when her reputation was put in jeopardy. She and her husband Drei (Tony Labrusca) adopted a child, after thinking that they and their friends killed the child’s mother. When the child’s mother named Fina (Jodi Sta. Maria) surfaced, Juris did everything to hide the truth, including killing her friends Bogs (Ketchup Eusebio) and Lolita (Ivana Alawi). Being mentally ill, she was detained in the end at a psychiatric hospital. 

Juris was portrayed by the multi-talented artist Bela Padilla.


16. Luciano Dela Torre (Cris Villanueva), The Killer Bride

With a greedy heart and being consumed by hatred, Luciano killed his brother and made the life of his niece Camila (Maja Salvador) a living hell. He tried to kill Camila several times but failed. He also failed to kill Camila’s daughter, Vida. Camila’s most trusted accomplice and lover named Fabio (Miko Raval) ended Luciano’s life. 

Luciano was played by the acclaimed actor Cris Villanueva.


17. Queenie Salvacion (Desiree Del Valle), Parasite Island

Portrayed by laudable actress Desiree Del Valle, Queenie was a greedy woman who found a way to become the most powerful woman in their town after accidentally swallowing a golden slug. She became a queen to every people who she was able to turn as a zombie-like creature due to parasitic leeches. Her reign was ended by her brother-in-law named Jessie (Rafael Rosell), who fatally shot her.


18. Loida Magtulis (Irma Adlawan), Pamilya Ko

Played by esteemed actress Irma Adlawan, Loida is the woman who became obsessed to a married man named Fernan (Joey Marquez). Because her love was left unrequited, she kept on pestering the lives of Fernan and his family. Recently, she took her wickedness to the next level by trying to kill Fernan’s wife, Luz (Sylvia Sanchez).

19. Inez Fajardo (Maika Rivera), Sandugo

Although her intentions and other crimes are yet to be revealed, Inez is the naughty secretary of Leo (Aljur Abrenica), who would give everything just to gain wealth and power. She seduces her boss over and over, and degrades Leo’s beloved woman named Grace (Elisse Joson). 

Inez was the first ever daring role of Filipina tennis player turned actress Maika Rivera.


20. Atty. Dexter Soliman (Joem Bascon), Starla

Played by acclaimed actor Joem Bascon, Dexter was the bastard son of Robert (Tirso Cruz III) who is hungry for the recognition of his father. Despite doing everything he can, including lying, cheating, and brutally pestering other people’s lives, he still failed to make his father proud. Thus, when he was being degraded by Robert, Dexter failed to stop himself from hurting his father to the extent of killing him. He tried to frame his father’s protégé named Teresa (Judy Ann Santos) for his crime, but the latter still managed to regain her freedom.

Watch out for the next batch of villains in our Kapamilya teleseryes who will surely fill our days with excitement next year!