PAANDAR 2015: Five Kapamilya Expressions That Went Viral (Magandang buhay)

Sometimes, all it takes is a word or a phrase to define a character or a show. In the Kapamilya Network, some lines went beyond the television and into the daily lives of its viewers that these catchphrases eventually became part of the household.
With only a few days before the end the year, we rounded up the top five bukambibig of your favorite stars in the various teleseryes of ABS-CBN.
5) "Magandang buhay!" (Dream Dad)

During the run of the charming series "Dream Dad" (November 2014-April 2015), you may have greeted your officemate after a grueling Monday morning traffic with a "Magandang buhay!" and he/she has a hinted a smile. The greeting was a pampa-good vibes phrase of Baby (Jana Cassandra Agoncillo) and, indeed, everyone can't get enough of its positive effect.

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