PAANDAR 2015: Five Kapamilya Expressions That Went Viral (Achieve! Ikaw na! Juskolord! Push!)
2) "Achieve! Ikaw na! Juskolord! Push!” (On The Wings of Love

Leah (Nadine Lustre) loves saying "Achieve!" "Ikaw Na!" "Jusko Lord!" and “Push!” The first two phrases are often used to illicit positivity and determination should the need for an extra push arises during a hard time. The whole tenement and even Clark (James Reid) caught the bug and followed Leah's lead. The three phrases became even more popular when, during a mock interview in preparation for the Leah-Clark "couples' test," the American boy did the spiel in a very delightful way.
 PAANDAR 2015 Five Kapamilya Expressions That Went Viral Achieve Ikaw na Juskolord Push  1
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