PAANDAR 2015: 8 Teleserye Makeovers That You Wish Can Happen In Real Life - Part 5

2. From The Simple Kusinera To The Successful Chef Yna of Pangako Sa'Yo

She started off as a simple girl trying to provide for her family and even though spaghetti strap tops and peasant skirts were all the fashion she knew, she was able to win the heart of rich boy Angelo. But because of the many surprising events Yna decided to go to another country only to return successful and fabulous.

Her brand new personal style became classy and all about neutral colors. She makes less look more and definitely makes glam look so easy!

1. From The Naive Girl To A Wealthy, Vengeful CEO Amor of Pangako Sa'Yo

Her sense of fashion spells elegance. She wears the most expensive clothes and we all dream of raiding her closet. She's the best representation of the upper class women in the modern society. In the past, she dressed like an innocent young lady from the rural area that complimented her jolly personality.

In the latter part of the story, people judged her and thought she can be abused easily. Who knew revenge could look this good?

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