PAANDAR 2015: 8 Teleserye Makeovers That You Wish Can Happen In Real Life - Part 4

4. The Ambitious 'Girlfriend' To The Evil Wife And Mother Claudia of Pangako Sa'Yo

She's the woman we all love to hate but we have to admit Claudia has an amazing wardrobe. She may not be likable but we're all green with envy because of her designer goods.

From dressing too loud and vulgar in the past she now manages to make a fashion statement because her clothes highlight her sexy curves and voluptuous body.

She's a great reminder that you should dress according to your body type.

3. The Sexy Dancer To A Chic Woman Mia of Bridges Of Love Mia knows how to dress for success.

After having a tough beginning in life, she was able to let go of her days as an entertainer and the costumes that go with it when Carlo came along. Her style became constantly polished with a mix of fun.

She played with colors and accessories that fits her signature curly hair so well. Two brothers are fighting for her love and it's a no brainer why!

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