PAANDAR 2015: 8 Teleserye Makeovers That You Wish Can Happen In Real Life - Part 2

8. The Nerdy Secretary To The Fab Girlfriend Alex of Dream Dad

Alex' style evolved per episode but it became truly noticeable when she and Baste started to fall for each other. Her clothing choices became more sophisticated but she still managed to incorporate her 'girly' personality in her every outfit.

7. The Oppressed Siblings To The Rich Brothers Juan, Oscar and Franco of Pasion De Amor

The Samonte Brothers were out for blood but they ended up falling for the ladies they wished they could hate. In the beginning, they didn't need to wear much clothing to seduce the Elizondo Sisters.

As the story progressed, the Samonte brothers dressed up like true gentlemen. These hotties became rich and that also called for 'style change.' They became dapper with their looks oozing with sophistication and class.

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