PAANDAR 2015: 6 Kris TV’s suki co-hosts - Part 1

People say working becomes easier and all the more effective when shared with people you are comfortable and enjoy being with. Such is true in the case of morning talk show Kris TV where we cannot help but notice how its fun factor skyrockets whenever Kris is hosting with her friends. Thankfully, we keep seeing them on the show again and again.

1.    Erich Gonzales


Actress Erich Gonzales is among those celebrities who frequent co-hosting Kris TV.

It will be remembered that her present-day romance with beau Daniel Matsunaga first saw its possibility when the two were being teased to each other in one of the show's episodes.

Consequently when the couple finally admitted that they are dating, they had an exclusive tell-all interview with Kris.

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