OPM Bands go online for Ginumanfest Music Festival 2020

One might think that with the pandemic hitting the nation hard, Filipinos would grow weak and disheartened. Around the world, people found it difficult to find joy in anything. While Filipinos struggled with daily survival, with resources stretched to the limit, one would think that all hope was lost, that the Filipino spirit had hit an all-time low. Well, not the Filipino spirit we know – matapang, lumalaban, ganado.

Last June 20, Ginebra San Miguel pushed forward with its annual Ginumanfest. In honor of all frontliners and in celebration of the resilience of the Filipino spirit, the heritage brand gathered people from all over to unite in its first-ever One Ginebra Nation Live Online Concert via Ginebra San Miguel’s Facebook Page. Magic 89.9’s DJ Suzy Gamboa and DJ CJ Rivera, the hosts of the epic concert, noted that over 2,000 people were already tuned in way before the event started. As the night went on, the numbers kept on rising and the virtual crowd grew to 335,000 by evening’s end.

The Ginumanfest music festival, the event that has brought together the best in OPM talent since 2011, went off without a hitch as it seamlessly streamed live on a virtual stage. No virus was going to stop this celebration! 

First to drop in were the players of PBA’s Barangay Ginebra. Scottie Thompson noted that while it was a different kind of party, the upside was that even more people were able to come together and have fun. In fact, even Stanley Pringle joined in from Virginia Beach! Joe Devance and Mark Caguioa also didn’t miss out on the chance to hang out with their teammates again. Ready to party, “Gineral” LA Tenorio had his GSM Silimansi in hand, while “The Eagle” Japeth Aguilar had the shembot: a mix of 3-in-1 coffee, melon, water, ice and gin. 

Next to grace the event were some of the gorgeous candidates of Miss Universe Philippines. All three were hyped to watch their favorite OPM bands in the Ginumanfest. December Avenue was Tracy Maureen Perez’s personal pick, while Maria Isabela Galeria’s current fave was Banda ni Kleggy. Sigrid Grace Flores wowed her Ms U sisters as she sang a few lines from her obvious choice: Silent Sanctuary. 

Sue Ramirez also joined in the fun. Missing the tropical flavors of summer, her drink of choice for the night was GSM Blue Tamarind Punch, a limited edition launched during the event along with the Ginebra San Miguel Hari one-liter bottle. GSM’s Calendar Girl 2020 Sanya Lopez was also present and ready to party with her own concoction: “pineapple breeze”, which is a blend of the classic Kwatro Kantos gin, pineapple, coconut peel, ice, and some sugar. 

OPM Bands go online for Ginumanfest Music Festival 2020  1

Banda ni Kleggy started the concert with “Shot”, “Singtunado”, “Discolamon”. Sanya surprised her fans as she sang “Torete” with them. Silent Sanctuary went next, playing fan faves “Bumalik Ka Na Sa’kin”, “Ingat Ka”, “Pasensya Ka Na”, and “Dahilan”. Sue also jammed along with them, bringing the kilig vibes with “Ikaw Lamang”. To cap off this year’s Ginumanfest, December Avenue took the stage with “Kahit Di Mo Alam”, “Bulong”, “Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw”, and “Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig” They also played their new song, “Bakas ng Talampakan”, a hopeful song released just this April. 

While they missed playing on-stage and in person, these top bands gamely took on the challenge of performing on the virtual platform. As they serenaded the netizens and offered the gift of music to all frontliners, the bands also took the opportunity to spread messages of hope and encouragement to their listeners. Indeed, the 2020 Ginumanfest is a solid reminder that there is still a lot in this nation worth celebrating. In the midst of chaos, the Filipino spirit is truly alive and well. 

OPM Bands go online for Ginumanfest Music Festival 2020  2

If you missed this amazing show of Filipino talent, don’t worry. You can still party and catch the Ginumanfest Online Concert when you head over to Ginebra San Miguel’s Official Facebook Page! So get your favorite GSM drink ready and join in toasting the resilience of the Filipino spirit and the strength of #OneGinebraNation.