Lucky Me Kasalo Pack

It’s been over 30 years since Filipino families have been enjoying the comfort food flavors of Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton. Throughout the years, Pinoys have tried and tested all the many different stir-fried noodle flavors and now each have their own favorites among Original, Chilimansi, Hot Chili, and Kalamansi. From being an easy-to-prepare meal to a go-to snack for many, this iconic noodle brand has now found a way to make bonding time even yummier with their latest product – Lucky Me’s Pancit Canton Kasalo Pack.

Knowing that every year can also bring about the arrival of new friends and family, Lucky Me wants you and your loved ones to stay happy and safe at home with the right budget-friendly favorite that’s bigger and better in every way. With the Kasalo Pack, you can enjoy more your favorite Kalamansi and Extra Hot Chili noodles up to 35% more with 120 grams of deliciousness as compared to the regular 80 gram pack which makes it the perfect inexpensive meal option no matter how many people are eating with you for the day!

Whether you’re bringing it out for a family lunch picnic, having it as part of dinner during movie night, enjoy it during a spontaneous midnight snack or even just a quick merienda with egg and bread in between a busy day at work or school, Lucky Me’s Pancit Kanton Kasalo Pack hits the spot every time, making meal times more satisfying and enjoyable while eating together and creating memories with the people around you. 

Aside from carrying those classic flavors everyone has loved throughout the years, Lucky Me Pancit Canton brings family and friends closer together as you bond over good food and company in a bigger and better way.