Nhikzy and Erika level up homemade treats with the sweet creamy goodness of Krimstix Softee!

Kids are active learners, which is why it’s not surprising to see them feel the boredom blues during this quarantine. The best thing is there are plenty of home activities to keep them busy and engaged like a simple snack time project in the kitchen. And kids will love it even more when homemade treats get an exciting sweet twist with their favorite Krimstix Softee!  

Filling yet easy-to-prepare traditional meriendas such as turon and puto are moms’ go-to recipes when they’re strapped for time. That doesn’t mean classic snacks can’t be made extra exciting and prep time can’t be fun. Add the sweet and creamy goodness of Krimstix Softee to ordinary snacks and let kids play with their imagination!

Nhikzy and Erika of Team Yey help their moms level up plain turon and puto recipes by adding a delightful chocolatey twist. 



Bananas are nutritional powerhouses and you can make them more interesting by spreading Krimstix Softee on each slice before placing them in lumpia wrappers to make chocolate turon. It’s also a unique concept to flavor up the comforting taste of plain puto with Krimstix Softee filling. 

Try these exciting recipe ideas or experiment with other homey treats with the kids. After all, with Krimstix, imagination mo ang limit! 

Aside from the milk-chocolate flavor of Krimstix Softee, you can also enjoy the regular Krimstix line that comes in pandan, milk, peanut butter, ube, cookies & cream, cheesy crunch, choco-strawberry and choco-orange.

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