New SHAREA app fosters “digital bayanihan” among Filipino communities amid pandemic

One of the many qualities that other nations admire about Filipinos is our being naturally helpful, regardless if we know the person asking for our assistance or not. While we arguably exude this in our everyday lives, this is more highlighted every time we’re in the middle of a crisis, just like this COVID-19 pandemic we’re currently in.

And this is what ABS-CBN News would want to foster as it launches SHAREA, a Filipino-made information exchange and public service app that aims to further ignite the ‘bayanihan’ in communities through the dissemination of legitimate and pertinent real-time updates from its users and allow them to connect with other users from places that matter to them.

Deriving its name from the fusion of the words “share” and “area”, this public service initiative was developed to empower users to help each other through relevant hyperlocal (relating to a particular community or geographical area) updates that could further strengthen the cohesion of communities.

New SHAREA app fosters digital bayanihan among Filipino communities amid pandemic 1

The key features of SHAREA include “bulletin board”, “community wall”, and “messaging”. The “bulletin board” is the equivalent of “newsfeed”, wherein we could read verified updates from areas you choose that are gathered from official sources and meticulously checked and validated by the SHAREA team. The updates are organized according to six different categories – “Alisto” (alerts), “Health”, “Jobs”, “Ganaps” (events/leisure), “Deals”, and “Transport”.

Meanwhile, the “community wall” allows you to give and receive real-time updates from other users in your chosen areas. In the world full of fake news, rest assured that all the information you’ll get are post-moderated in case there are posts that do not comply with the community guidelines.

You may also connect and interact with your family, friends, and members of the community that also use the app through peer-to-peer or group chat messaging.

It seemingly functions like the prevalent social media platforms we’re using, but what makes SHAREA more standout is that it delivers verified, aggregated, and organized hyperlocal information and its hyperlocal features that let users move from one area to another and connect with other users in your desired location.

With these valuable features, SHAREA could be our most reliable and perfect companion in this time of pandemic as we are all encouraged to stay-at-home, utility services are limited, many of our kababayans have lost their jobs or livelihood, and the fresh updates we get from free television and radio diminished. Besides, you can even be a hero to your community in your own area by sharing credible updates or offering services or products that may be helpful to other members at a particular time or situation.

New SHAREA app fosters digital bayanihan among Filipino communities amid pandemic 2

“While information in the Bulletin Board is limited to select Metro Manila areas like Quezon City and Marikina City for now, users can pin any location in the app, allowing them to contribute their own updates in the Community Wall and monitor any area any time. With people posting more information, Sharea is looking to cater to a wider range of users over time to uphold its commitment of strengthening communities one area at a time,” stated in an article published on ABS-CBN News.

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You may download the SHAREA app on your Android mobile phone’s Google Play Store for free. For further details, like and follow SHAREA on Facebook.