National Book Store promotes sharing this holiday season
This Christmas season, National Book Store is the perfect place to find the best home-organizing items, school project finds, books and the most unique gift ideas. Amid the holiday rush, we all need not to fret because what we need during the holidays is at our favorite bookstore.

More than the gift shopping this season, customers can also participate in National Book Store’s effort to uphold education and to help marginalized kids to get good education. This year, National Book Store launches Project Aklat Book Drive, which builds libraries and provide books to public schools across the country.

Customers can buy participating books to be donated to the National Book Store Foundation, which in turn donates it to various schools and libraries in need. The bookstore is setting up a special display of books which are on the actual wish list of the schools. National Book Store Foundation so far has donated books to more than 100 schools and has helped almost 300 AGAPP schools.

As we celebrate this season of giving and sharing, National Book Store takes part not only in providing the best gift items for the Filipino customers but also in promoting education across the country. Through National Book Store, Filipinos can spread the love not only in the confines of their homes but also across communities all over the Philippines.