MOTHER’S DAY 2021: 8 talented veteran actresses who remain top choices for teleserye mother roles

Being a mother is an all-around job. She is a caregiver, protector, and provider. She brings warmth and light inside a home while ensuring that the family bond is strong. She loves fiercely and puts her children before anything else.

It's a big shoe to fill so when actresses are given roles for a mother or mother figure, it's a huge ask. Although, some Kapamilya actresses have already mastered it over the years and their remarkable performances amaze us every time.

Any coming to mind? Here are some of the most in-demand and talented actresses who have played at least five teleserye mother roles through the years.


Sylvia Sanchez

Sylvia has been in the industry for decades already so she’s definitely honed her craft in a number of roles already. It’s her knack for the mother roles though that never fails to wow us.

Around midway in her career, she became known for playing the mother of the main character in Basta’t Kasama Kita and Eva Fonda. By 2012, she is recognized by most as Teresita dela Paz-dela Rosa, the kind and caring mother of Maya in Be Careful With My Heart. Her following role after that aired was Ramona Esguerra in Pure Love where, funnily, she was acting as the mother of Ramon Esguerra that was played by her real son Arjo Atayde.

Soon after, Sylvia played the super mom of Super D himself in My Super D, Belen Bermudez-Aguilar. After this, she took her biggest dramatic role as the Alzheimer’s Disease-afflicted lead character Gloria Guerrero-Alegre in The Greatest Love.

Sylvia then also took on the challenge of playing the fierce single mom Sonya Magat-Alipio in the crime drama Hanggang Saan before she landed on of her famous mom roles, Luz Ramires-Mabunga in the hit drama serye about the Mabunga family, Pamilya Ko.


Sunshine Cruz

As a single mom of three beautiful girls, Sunshine Cruz naturally knows how to kick herself into the mom gear. Right from her portrayal of Isabel De Lara in Dugong Buhay, Sunshine used her instincts to fuel her character’s need to fight for her children.

Sunshine also brings forth deep emotion in playing mothers going through extreme burdens like when she was the mother of Lily Cruz in Wildflower. She was also a mother longing for their lost children in Dolce Amore as Alice Urtola, mother to Liza Soberano’s character Serena and in Hiwaga ng Kambat as Melissa Enriquez-Baron, who lost her son Michael during birth.

In Love Thy Woman, she melds together her previous experiences in motherly roles because her portrayal of Kai Estrella, Jia Wong’s mother, had to strike a balance between being caring and fierce. Her most recent stint as Dra. Maggie Buencorazon-Veradona in Bagong Umaga was a whole new challenge for her too as she took on the role of an adoptive mother and a mother that reconnects with her real child again.


Cherry Pie Picache

Cherry Pie is known for playing feisty and bold characters so even her motherly roles have that touch. This was evident when she acted as Rubi’s strong and hardworking mother in the 2010 romance teleserye Rubi and as the protective Theresa Apolinario in the 2012 family drama Ina, Kapatid, Anak.

The multi-awarded actress also explored different types of roles when she portrayed the honest Elena Severino-Hidalgo in Ikaw Lamang and Adele Magtibay, mother of the separated triplets in The Blood Sisters.

Up until today, she brings out the complexities and strength of her characters such as her portrayal of Joan Reyes in Sandugo and Dra. Amelia Hernandez in Walang Hanggang Paalam.


Zsa Zsa Padilla

Although her stellar singing background gave her an edge, Zsa Zsa proved herself as a stunning actress for mother roles in the 2005 drama Bituing Walang Ningning where she played Rosa Mia Suarez, the mother of the exceptional singer Dorina.

Since then, she has been giving outstanding performances as motherly characters such as Luisa Maniego, the mother of Budoy, Myra Simbulan, mother of half-sisters Tin and Caitly in The Story of Us, and Helen Chao, the loving single of David Chao in Love Thy Woman.

 Zsa Zsa also pushed her boundaries for such roles and brought life to Helena Montoya a.k.a. The Red Dragon in Wildflower where her character was the mother of main antagonist Emilia Ardiente.


Eula Valdes

Eula is what many would certainly call a veteran actress with her years of expertise and countless exceptional roles. One of which may be playing Amor de Jesus or Amor Powers in the classic 2000 teleserye Pangako Sa’Yo. Her play there solidified her skills to get casted as Imang’s mother, Lourdes Saavedra-de Vera, in Kampanerang Kuba.

Eula’s successful performance led her to take on more mother roles such as Jo Espero-Alicante in Maria Flordeluna, Audrey de Meñes in The Wedding, and Olive San Juan-La Peña in Mundo Man ay Magunaw.

She’s also widely known for her motherly parts in popular Kapamilya dramas Walang Hanggan, The Good Son, and The General’s Daughter.

Her talent for intense acting also came in handy when she played Romina’s mother, Rosanna Andrada in Kadenang Ginto and Lucy Wong, Dana Wong’s ruthless mother in Love Thy Woman


Janice De Belen

Janice can really draw out the right emotion mothers would feel in different situations involving their children. In Budoy, she caught our admiration for her portrayal of the mentally challenged boy’s adoptive mother Elena Dizon. Building on that commendable performance, she beautifully gives justice to the adoptive parent of Honesto, Lourdes Galang and Nanay Marcy Bernabe-Crisostomo in Be My Lady.

Janice also surprises audiences when she aces playing even supporting character roles. She made sure to shine the motherly side of Beatrice Marasigan in Ina, Kapatid, Anak and Amor Capuyan in Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa.


Dimples Romana

Dimples has gone through several supporting roles, yet when she’s placed to play a mom, she has a way of making it shine. Even when she had the minor role of Alicia Del Mundo-Gaspar in Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon, her acting definitely caught our attention.

It also surely did in Mara Clara where she played  Alvira del Valle and had to show the complicated relationships she has with Mara and Clara being their biological mother and foster mother respectively. By the time she was playing Michelle Ramirez-Valdez in And I Love You So and Mandy Alegre-Cruz in The Greatest Love, we already know she’s made for maternal roles.

Her most famous portrayal yet must be Daniela Mondragon-Bartolome in the trending drama of 2018, Kadenang Ginto. Aside from giving Daniela that strong and relentless personality of hers, Dimples was able to make us understand where Daniela and her actions are coming from as a mother to Andrea Brillantes’ character, Marga.


Jodi Sta. Maria

Without a doubt, Jodi playing the sweet and caring Maya dela Rosa-Lim in Be Careful With My Heart set her on the map as the prime actress option as a mother. Granted, she was already a seasoned actress that has taken on a couple of mother roles including playing Ruth de Leon-Perez in Noah, but those were only the beginning of her soaring career.

Not long after, she landed the coveted role of Yna’s mother, Amor de Jesus / Amor Powers in the 2015 remake of Pangako Sa’Yo. She later moved onto more challenging mother roles such as Fina Capuyan-Baniaga in Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa where her character fought tooth and nail to get her daughter and her love back.

Audiences also praised her greatly for the equally, if not more, challenging role of Marissa Pineda in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin. Many applauded how she gave depth and emotion to all of Marissa’s hardships and struggles as a mother.

We’re sure to see more of these actresses and their various takes on mom roles soon. Who are you most excited to watch?