On the set of Darna: The TV Series

JRB Creative Production has been blessing our feeds with exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and videos from the much-anticipated Mars Ravelo’s Darna: The TV Series. And we couldn’t be more grateful because we’re all super excited to see the homegrown heroine and all the other characters in action!

Behind the scene DARNA

In the first bunch of photos from its first taping day last year, we see the magic take place at ABS-CBN’s Hollywood-vibe sound stages in Bulacan. Jane De Leon, playing the iconic woman warrior, can be seen in the form of Darna’s alter-ego, Narda.

The production unit went live yesterday, February 18, to show more of Jane on the set. It looks like Narda will be working as part of the community’s rescue team based on Jane’s costume.




In a separate video, we got to witness real-time action courtesy of Iza Calzado playing the original Darna from the planet Marte who will pass on the magical stone to Jane, as well as Zaijian Jaranilla portraying the heroine’s adorable sidekick Ding, filming an actual scene in the middle of the forest. The two characters will have a momentous interaction, it appears.





Behind the scene Darna Iza Calzado

Iza looks stunning, although wearing just a simple shirt and trousers, with elbow-length mane while Zaijian is portrayed as an ordinary kid. Meanwhile, ‘Master Director’ Chito S. Roño is extra hands-on during the shoot.

Behind the scene DARNA Iza Zaijan

There also has to be an exciting sneak peek into Janella Salvador’s character as Regina, the human alter-ego of Darna’s archnemesis Valentina. In this series of snaps, we see Mark Manicad as Ali Corpuz and Simon Ibarra as Zaldy Ballesteros, as well as Zaijian wearing a school uniform this time.

Behind the scene DARNA Janella

Behind the scene DARNA

Behind the scene DARNA

Behind the scene Darna Zaijan

Behind the scene DARNA Jane

Joshua Garcia, playing Darna’s leading man Brian Robles, can be seen smiling in one photo. Another snap shows Jane in Narda mode together with veteran actress Rio Locsin as Roberta Custodio and Joj Agpangan as Mara Fernandez in the fictional ‘barangay’ where they live.

The other cast members are likewise very busy at work yet taking a quick stop for little photo op moments.

Behind the scene DARNA

Behind the scene DARNA

Behind the scene DARNA

Behind the scene DARNA Joshua Garcia

Mars Ravelo’s Darna: The TV Series is set to premiere later this year. 

*Photos credit to JRBCreativeProduction IG