Mitoy, Myk, Klarisse, Janice are Top Four on ‘The Voice of the Philippines’

From Team Lea, Mitoy powerfully sang “Power of Love” while Radha gave her best performance yet with “Let It Be.” Coach Lea decided to give 55% of her vote to Radha and 45% to Mitoy. In the end, 63.73% from the people gave Mitoy the winning overall score of 108.78.

From Team Bamboo, Myk Perez ditched his guitar and grooved to “Baby, I Love Your Way” while Paolo Onesa once again charmed with his rendition of “Elisi.” Coach Bamboo gave 55% of his vote to Myk and 45% to Paolo. In the end, Myk won with a total of 103.08 points.

From Team Sarah, Morissette Amon showed amazing stage presence with “Who You Are” while Klarisse De Guzman proved her versatility with “To Love Somebody.” Coach Sarah gave 55% of her vote to Klarisse and 45% to Morissette. In the end, Klarisse came through with a total 118.39 points. 

From Team Apl, Thor Dulay owned the song “ Climb Every Mountain” while Janice Javier wowed everyone with “Imagine.” Coach Apl gave 55% of his vote to Janice and 45% to Thor. In the end, Janice bagged the win with a total of 112.85 points.