Memorable Lobo episodes that gave a thrilling, fascinating start to the Moonstone Trilogy

With the ongoing streaming re-run of the entire Moonstone Trilogy on iWantTFC, we are certainly interested and eager to revisit how the enchanting and mystical narrative started with its first offering, the fantasy-romance teleserye Lobo, starring Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual.

In these episodes, we recall Lobo’s groundbreaking scenes that led to its wide acclaim, revealing the backstories of its unforgettable main characters who captured our imagination.



Lobo commenced with the once sweet love story of Nessa (Agot Isidro) and Emil (Bobby Andrews). Their parents may not be in favor of their relationship, but they still pushed through by seeing each other in secret.

In one of their dates, she brandished the moonstone necklace her father gave her and went on to utter the chant “Hindi tala sa langit, kundi buwan na nakasilip. Ibigay ang hiling ng matang nakapikit” while facing the moon and quietly wished.

As Emil prodded her to tell him what she asked for, Nessa imparted that it would be for her mother to live long, for him to finish medical school, and for her to be included in the scholarship program of their mayor so that she could finally pursue her studies at their town’s vocational school. But more than everything, what she actually wishes is for her to be able to fix her life so that her Ate Clara (Irma Adlawan) could move on with her life as well.

She divided the moonstone pendant into two and gave the other half to Emil to always remind him of her.



Many years after, Nessa’s daughter Lyka (Angel Locsin) started working for the House of Elle, a couture house owned by Eleanora “Lady Elle” Blancaflor, who’s the twin sister of her Lolo Lorenzo (Diether Ocampo) and the head of the group of Taong Lobos called “Waya”. She works there alongside Trixie (Dimples Romana), her closest friend who’s also tasked to be her guardian (or tagapag-alaga).

As she’s about to introduce Lyka to Waya during a party they’re going organize, Lady Elle couldn’t help but be frantic about it, but her lover Manolo Sebastian (Robert Arevalo) calmed her down.

Later that evening, Lyka and Noah, a soldier, crossed paths at the lobby of the hotel where a party was held. Stunned with each other’s debonair looks, they couldn’t help but gaze at one another as he walked towards her direction. Mesmerized by her deific beauty, all that he could utter was “You look good”, to which she replied, “You too”. Trixie’s sudden arrival dismayed Lyka as she ruined their kilig moment.



Noah was invited by an employee of House of Elle to the surprise birthday party they prepared for Lyka. However, that wasn’t seem okay to his colleague Gabriella (Shaina Magdayao), who suggested that it’s better if she will be the one to attend the party in order for their mission to surely succeed.

The following day, he kicked off his plan of probing the dubious activities of Lady Elle and her employees by discreetly sticking a tracking device on Lyka’s dress, which she was able to execute by distracting her.



As a part of his training of becoming a full-fledged Luna member, the officers had Noah chased by a huge black dog, who later on attacked him. In that moment, he recalled the night his biological dad Emil got tackled by a wolf that led to his tragic death. That dog turned out to become a Taong Lobo after his foster dad General Leon Cristobal (Dante Rivero) shot it. Once he recovered, the rest of the Luna members introduced themselves to Noah.

On the other hand, while she was hiding in the middle of the forest, Lyka was able to witness the transformation of Lady Elle from being a she-wolf into her human form, which indeed appalled her.



After spending the night together, Noah woke up the next day without Lyka by his side. Worried where she went, he found a note from her on the table beside the couch where he slept, saying that she’s just at a meeting with Lady Elle.

While it was true that she’s with Lady Elle, they were actually not having a business meeting. Instead, she was there to express her willingness to take on the duty she’s designated to do – to confront the stone of Remus.

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