Tigreal Legends of Dawn Sacred Stone

As the premiere of Legend of Dawn: The Sacred Stone nears, let us get to know our iconic Mobile Legends: Bang Bang heroes who play a big part in the fun, visually enticing animated feature.

First is Tigreal, the gallant commander of the Imperial Knights, tasked to protect the Sacred Stone from thieves. While he is brave and just, Tigreal is likewise single-minded, conceited, and insensitive. He is a tenacious warrior yet could be outwitted, even as he takes on securing the Capitol’s security.

While Tigreal is utterly strict with his men and with himself, he would make unreasonable judgments due to his bad logic. His bungling ways led to the theft of the precious stone, instigated by the infamous outlaw Claude and his partner Dexter.

Legend of Dawn: The Sacred Stone would show Tigreal uncompromising bid to retrieve the stone from Claude, who is set to reveal his real intentions of stealing the sacred gem.

Tigreal Legends of Dawn Sacred Stone ML Countdown

Will Tigreal succeed in catching Claude and returning the Sacred Stone to the Imperial Palace? Let’s all find out in Legends of Dawn: The Sacred Stone premiering on Sunday, September 19 at 7pm on the Kapamilya Channel and A2Z Channel 11.