Marissa, Ellice ink special deal to save Hope’s life in gripping Week 24 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

In the Week 24 of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, we’ve witnessed a mix of surprising, scorching, and touching scenes that indeed brought us to a rollercoaster of emotions.

Already losing hope towards the deteriorating condition of her ill daughter Hope (Kira Balinger), Ellice (Iza Calzado) and found herself clinging to her former best friend-turned-stiffest rival Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria). She begged her to allow her son Jake (Grae Fernandez) to be the bone marrow donor since he’s the only one compatible.

Thus, even though it was difficult for her to let go of the ownership of the company her dad bequeathed to her, Ellice had no choice but to sacrifice it for the sake of Hope’s life. Yet, she vowed to take it back and make Marissa suffer for everything that she did to her someday.

He may already know what her response would be if he’s going to ask her permission to let Jake donate a piece of his bone marrow to Hope, but Gabriel still took the leap of faith and mustered the courage to talk to Marissa. As expected, she went furious, especially when he mentioned that Jake already agreed through Ellice’s plea.

“Anong sabi mo? Sino ang nagbigay ng karapatan sa babaeng ‘yan para kausapin ang anak ko nang wala akong permiso? Baka nakakalimutan mo kung anong ginawa ng babaeng ‘yan sa akin at sa anak ko? Gabriel, pagkatapos ng ginawa niya sa’kin, pinagnakawan ako ng babaeng ‘yan,” she infuriatingly told him and enumerated the ways Ellice crossed her and her family.

He tried to appeal but Marissa was so enraged that his words fell on deaf ears. Her anger further increased upon finding out from Madam Adelina (Carla Martinez) that Ellice actually sent Jake to prison after violating his temporary restraining order towards Hope.

As soon as she got home, Marissa immediately confronted Jake regarding his imprisonment and decision of helping the Cenidozas without telling it to her. She further got furious when Jake emotionally told her what if there’s a 1% that they would match and she could save her life.

“What if I have a chance to save her life? I can’t just throw that away, Ibu!” he irately told her.

“Itatapon mo lahat dahil sa 1% chance? Para sa kanya?”

“Ibu, I’m here to support you, but not at the cost of Hope’s life.”

She insisted that it didn’t have to be him for she believes that they can find a lot of donors for Hope. She also added, “Sinira ng Ellice na ‘yon ang buhay ko, ang buhay natin. Huwag na huwag mong kakalimutan ang lahat ng atraso na ginawa niya. She has taken everything from me.”

The following day, Sonya (Desiree del Valle) swung by her office to visit her and try to convince her to allow Jake to go on with the procedure. But she still firmly declined.

“You can think about it you know. Wala naming mawawala kung susubukan,” Sonya started off.

“The last thing that I would want to do is help that woman,” Marissa retorted.

“Naiinitindihan ko, after everything that happened between you and Ellice. Alam mo namang ever since sa’yo ako kampi, ‘di ba? Pero si Hope, hindi lang naman siya kung sino. Pamangkin ko siya and she had nothing to do with this.”

However, Marissa still refused and told her that she couldn’t heed to Sonya’s request this time. The latter attempted to strike her conscience once again, yet the former told her that she would never understand where she is coming from.

“Kahit na may away kayo ni Ellice, you’re not like this, you’re not selfish. Bakit ba hinaharang mo ang chance ni Hope na mabuhay? Wala ka na bang puso? You’re not like this, Marissa. You’re better than that!” Sonya exclaimed.

This compelled Marissa to finally confess that Hope and Jake are actually not siblings, which bewildered Sonya.

Marissa tearfully narrated to the confused Sonya what happened in the past that dismayed the latter, and disclosed the real identity of Jake. She pleaded her not to tell anyone about it, but Sonya was worried on how Gabriel would react once he find out about this.

“Nagsisinungaling ka sa pamilya ko all this time? Pagkatapos ka naming tanggapin? Sa tingin mo ba, anong mararamdaman ni Gabriel kapag nalaman niya ang lahat ng ito?

Marissa tearfully retorted, “Alam ko. Kaya humihingi ako ng tulong sa’yo, ate, kasi gusto kong mabigyan ng hustisya ang pagkamatay ng anak ko. Hindi ‘to madali para sa’kin. Alam kong mali.

Since they already lost hope on Jake being one of the possible donors for Hope’s bone marrow transplant, the Cenidozas had themselves checked to see if one of them could be her match but failed. This already disheartened them, thus Carmelita (Cheska Iñigo) and Helena (Jenny Jamora) dropped by the Pineda residence to tell Lucing (Maricel Soriano) the bad news and ask if Jake could have himself tested as well.

Unbeknownst to them, Jake was already at the hospital to do so and it turned out that he’s compatible to her! He immediately relayed it to Hope and promised her that he would convince Marissa to allow him to be her donor.

Seeing how distraught she was, Avel (Joseph Marco) approached Marissa to ask why she strongly object the idea of Jake being Hope’s bone marrow donor amidst the pleas of people around her, and even her son had been expressing his willingness to do so.

“Maraming beses akong naging mabait kay Ellice at sa pamilya niya. Pero sa huli, ako ‘yong laging nagdudusa, ako ‘yong nagsasakripisyo, ako ‘yong naaagrabyado. Kaya kung huhusgahan mo dahil pinipili kong maging makasarili.” She wasn’t able to finish her statement as she attempted to pour another shot on her glass, yet he was able to stop her.

She eventually turned emotional as she uttered, “I tried my best. I tried my best to do what is right. Kaya anong klaseng ina ako kung hindi ko kayang ipaglaban ang kapakanan ng anak ko,” before dozing off.

Lucing tried to convince her also to already give her consent to Jake and not let her strife with Ellice influence her decision. Marissa still indignantly refused, saying, “Hindi ako tutulong sa mga taong sumira sa buhay natin!” that ensued to their heated argument. Jake intermeddled, announcing that he’s compatible with Hope and that the Cenidozas already knew about it.

The following day, Ellice unexpectedly dropped by their house to personally talk to Marissa regarding Jake’s donorship.

“Kailangan ko ang tulong mo. Marissa, I’m sorry,” she started off.

“’Yan, diyan ka magaling. Kapag pabor sa’yo ang lahat, marunong kang humingi ng tawad, marunong kang magpakumbaba. Napakamakasarili mo talaga. Ang sama ng ugali mo,” she snidely told her.

As she expressed how willing she is to do everything, we were all surprised to see Ellice kneel in front of Marissa and tearfully told her how she terribly needs her help because her daughter is dying. Pleased by what she just saw and heard, Marissa told her that she would only agree in one condition – if Ellice would grant her half of her shares in Cenidoza Pearls, the portion that his dad Jorge (Lito Pimentel allegedly took away from his father Nestor (Allan Paule).

It would only take effect once Ellice hands her the contract, stating, “Kailangan ko ng kasiguraduhan, lalo na sa isang taong may kasaysayan ng pagiging tuso sampu ng pamilya mo.”

The contract would contain their treaty that if Hope’s condition relapses, Jacob could donate again, which, according to Marissa, they should consider as “conditional deed of sale”. She also asked for a non-disclosure agreement, reminding her that nobody should know about this except the two of them. Once Ellice violated it, 100% of her shares will automatically be transferred to Marissa’s name.

Helpless, Ellice couldn’t do anything but agree to all of Marissa’s conditions.

“Ganyan nga, Ellice. Umikot na ang mundo. Ngayon alam mo na ang pakiramdam na ginipit ng tatay mo ang tatay ko,” Marissa uttered.

Marissa and Ellice indeed went on with their contract signing.

“This is not a truce. One day, you will get what you deserve. Kakarmahin ka sa lahat ng ginagawa mo,” Ellice reminded Marissa afterwards, to which the latter retorted, “Diyan ka nagkakamali. Dahil ito ang kabayaran ng lahat ng ginawa ng pamilya mo sa pamilya ko. Ikaw ang kinakarma ngayon.”

Hope and Jake’s operations were a success and both families were able to merrily and peacefully celebrate Christmas.

Cesar (Simon Ibarra) and Belen (Rita Avila) eventually found out about Marissa being the co-owner and major stockholder of Cenidoza Pearls after successfully acquiring the highest percentage of shares.

On her first-ever meeting with the board members, Marissa announced that she’s already shutting the company foundation wherein Belen is the chairwoman. The latter objected, to which the latter retaliated, “I own majority of the shares and I can do whatever I want.”

Belen alleged her of forcing Ellice to do so, but Marissa reminded her how all of this mess began and what’s the main reason behind it. She told her, “Kaya huwag kang magsalita d’yan na parang wala kang duming tinatago.”

Much to their confusion, both Lucing and Belen asked their respective daughters how everything happened. While Ellice told her mom the truth, Marissa simply told her nanay that it was her way of regaining everything that the Cenidozas took away from them and of helping them at the same time.

As soon as she went back to office, Ellice was appalled to discover that Marissa has changed everything – from the decorations, the name of the company, up to the displays in the gallery. Thus, she infuriatingly confronted her and uttered, “Napakasama ng pagkatao mo! Magbabayad ka, Marissa. Magbabayad ka sa ginagawa mong ‘to.”

Marissa admonished her, “Ellice, I am the new owner and I call the shots. Kaya gagawin ko kahit na anong gusto kong gawin. Baka nakakalimutan mo, may kasunduan tayo. One wrong move and then deal is on.”

Meanwhile, Sonya approached Jake to say ‘thank you’ to him for saving Hope’s life.

“Malaking sakripisyo ‘yong nagawa mo,” she told him.

“Wala naman pong malaking sakripisyo ‘pag para sa mahal mo, di ba?” Jake replied.

“Gano’n mo kamahal ‘yong kapatid mo pero ngayon lang kayo nagkakilala?”

“Hindi naman po ‘yon sa haba ng panahon.”

“Well, I’m happy na na-convince mo ang mommy mo na tulungan si Hope.”

“May mga bagay talaga na ‘pag alam nating tama dapat ipaglaban.”

At her office, Ellice had a heart-to-heart talk with her mom, wherein she expressed how her heart breaks seeing them being defeated by Marissa.

“Alam ko naman ‘yong pinasok ko, pero ang hirap palang panoorin na unti-unting kinukuha sa’yo lahat ng mga bagay na pinagkaingatan mo,” Ellice related.

But Belen assured her, “Anak, panandalian lang ang pagkapanalo ni Marissa. When Hope gets better, we will take everything back. You’ll see in no time, babalik sa atin ang lahat.”

The viewers also found out that Avel is actually an asset of Cesar.

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