Maris Racal looks back on her 10 memorable moments in PBB

More than a month before it was officially announced that Pinoy Big Brother is once again opening its doors to new aspirants by launching an online audition on Kumu for its 10th season, its alumna Maris Racal seemed to have already foreseen it as she created a vlog reacting to 10 of her old clips grabbed from the reality show.

She commenced the vlog by confessing that she actually never watched at least a video or an episode of the PBB All In where she belonged and emerged as the 2nd Big Placer, as she found it cringey, awkward, and shameful for her. Thus, it was really her first time to see all the clips that her team prepared for the vlog and she provided explanation or backstory for each.

 First off was her remarkable jamming session with their celebrity guest Piolo Pascual, to whom she sang “Hawak Kamay” with as she played the guitar. It was also the moment when he unexpectedly leaned on her shoulder, which made her blush and bashful. Her kilig further amplified when she heard him tell Kuya inside the confession room that she’s cute and has the potential to be a star.

The next video was another singing video of her, wherein she was serenading her housemates with The Carpenters’ classic hit “You” as she lulled them to sleep. Being the “Singing Sunshine ng Davao”, they would always ask her to perform for them, which, according to her, have definitely helped her build her confidence and inspired her to pursue a career in music. She also jokingly called out fellow alumni Joshua Garcia as she noticed how he intently stared at her, while she was singing with her “baby” voice.

Her touching moment with her bestie Loisa Andalio was next, wherein she chose to save her from getting nominated after the latter saved the former in a previous challenge that gave Maris immunity from that week’s nomination.

In the fourth clip, the 23-year-old multi-faceted artist couldn’t help but gush over Kapamilya heartthrob Paulo Avelino, their celebrity guest who facilitated their “Acting Challenge.” Even though she found her performance cringey, the actor actually found it impressive and he even proclaimed her as the best performer.

Seeing the fifth video, which was her conversation with housemate Fifth Solomon regarding how irritated she was with their housemate Cheridel Alejandrino over chicken and spaghetti, made Maris want to knock her younger self on the head.

Instead of being completely ashamed of her baliw-baliwan acting as Yaya Jing-Jing in the sixth clip, Maris talked about how much she idolized their guest housemate Alex Gonzaga, who made her do a lot of crazy, random things while they’re inside the house together. As she was so fond of her and spent a lot of time with her, she admitted that she was able to absorb some of her traits and mannerisms, which she noticed as soon as Alex left.

The next video was Vice Ganda’s visit to them, wherein she showered her with praises not just because of her physical beauty, but of her pleasant personality and admirable talent as well. The Unkabogable Star reiterated this during her first-ever guesting in Gandang Gabi Vice together with the PBB All In Big 4, saying how naturally Filipina-looking she is like Erich Gonzales.

Unlike the previous clips, the eighth one was truly emotional as it was the moment when she was so apologetic for voting the eventual Big Winner Daniel Matsunaga to be evicted from the house. He didn’t have any idea about it, but he still consoled her and told her that it was alright.

Her exaggerated reactions in one of their challenges, in which she had to guess what item was inside each acrylic box was by just touching them indeed made her laugh out so loud in the ninth clip. While the 10th and last video apparently tugged a string in her as it was one of her jamming sessions with her housemates, wherein they’re able to compose a song about their experiences inside the house on the spot.

In spite of the cringey and embarrassing moments she had during her stint, Maris was still able to confidently proclaim, “Proud ako sa journey ko sa PBB.”