Makisayaw! Makisaya! Take the fun challenge and do the Forever Kapamilya Dance!

Even with the absence of everyone’s favorite free-to-air ABS-CBN Channel 2, the liveliness and jubilation among the Kapamilya viewers who miss their beloved network would certainly not fade away.

And they could express this by doing the #ForeverKapamilyaDance to the tune of the Kapamilya Channel station ID theme, “Forever Kapamilya”!


Based on those groovy, catchy steps choreographed by Jhong Hilario on It’s Showtime in this video, the Forever Kapamilya Dance Challenge would bring all the Kapamilya together by jiving to the jovial beat as shown by some of the top ABS-CBN stars.

Vivoree Esclito took the challenge gracefully with a superb demonstration of how the Forever Kapamilya Dance is done with “Hello Stranger” co-star Patrick Quiroz in this episode of the We Rise Together Live online show with DJ Jhai Ho.

More Kapamilya celebrities followed suit in their own TikTok videos:

Francine Diaz




♬ original sound - It’s Showtime


Kyle Echarri



♬ original sound - It’s Showtime


Fumiya Sankai



♬ original sound - It’s Showtime


Kaori Oinuma


##ForeverKapamilyaDance ❤️💚💙

♬ original sound - It’s Showtime


Karina Bautista


❤️💚💙 Duet or do the Kapamilya ##dancechallenge and use the Hashtag ##ForeverKapamilyaDance Don’t forget to use this music!

♬ original sound - It’s Showtime


Aljon Mendoza


##foreverkapamilya ❤️💚💙

♬ original sound - It’s Showtime


Kiara Takahashi


##ForeverKapamilyaDance 💙❤️💚

♬ original sound - It’s Showtime


Yamyam Gucong


You can create your own TikTok video ##ForeverKapamilyadance🥰

♬ original sound - It’s Showtime


Makisaya! Makisayaw! Shoot your own video doing the same Forever Kapamilya Dance and upload it to your social media accounts with the hashtag #ForeverKapamilyaDance.

Definitely, the fun and happiness never stops whenever, wherever because we are all Forever Kapamilya!