“Mahal Ko Kayo, Kapamilya!” BrightWin announce fandom name, greet fans in 2Gether: The Series Live PH Mediacon

2Gether: The Series actors Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin thanked their fans for their support and finally announced their fandom name, BrightWin, in the 2Gether PH Mediacon by ABS-CBN and Globe last June 26, 4 pm (Manila Time). 

Prior to #BrightWin2GetherLive being a top trending topic online, the Thai actors were asked a series of questions by select media personnel about their preparations for the series, favorite fan art, music, future plans, and their lives now that they are reaching fame. Win also mentioned COVID-19 relief efforts by gathering donations from fans and donating them to a hospital in Phuket.


 Mahal Ko Kayo Kapamilya BrightWin announce fandom name greet fans in 2Gether The Series Live PH Mediacon 1

BrightWin and MJ Felipe talk about Sarawat and Tine.


When asked about Thai food that would describe themselves, Bright mentioned that he compares himself to a Som Tum because he is hot and spicy, while Win likens himself to Mango and Sticky Rice because he is sweet. They also mentioned that they want to try Chicken Adobo and when given the chance to travel to the Philippines, Bright said that he wanted to visit Cebu, while Win wishes to visit Boracay. 

BrightWin also answered various fan-made questions from Twitter, like what would be their three wishes when they meet a genie (with Bright wishing for 10 more wishes and for this pandemic to end) and what was the most important advice that their parents have given them (with Win sharing the advice of needing to be considerate of other people). 

They also gave shout outs to select fans and expressed their desire to meet everyone real soon.
To cap the PH Mediacon, BrightWin reacted to the Filipino-dubbed trailer of 2Gether.
You can rewatch the #BrightWin2GetherLIVE PH Mediacon on iWant.
2Gether: The Series is a story of two freshmen college students, Sarawat and Tine, who started a fake relationship in order to drive away Tine’s stalker, Green, but unexpectedly fall in love with each other in the end.
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