Lito Lapid Farm Tour

As an action star, Lito Lapid seldom relies on stunt doubles, having been toughened by life's trials. Raised in poverty in Porac, Pampanga, as the son of a laundrywoman, he couldn't afford education. However, he learned perseverance early on from taking on odd jobs like harvesting palay to selling bread. Eventually, he transitioned into the film industry, starting as a bit player and stuntman.

His story is both unbelievable and inspiring considering his prominence now as a pillar of Philippine entertainment and a politician.

Despite his current wealth, the “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” star remains grounded. He isn’t the type to boast about his brilliance, achievements, and riches. Even today, traces of his upbringing linger, particularly his connection to farming.

See a different side of “Leon Guerrero” as he tours us around his ‘hacienda’ and shares his success story on Bernadette Sembrano’s latest vlog.

Entering the Lapid compound feels like stepping into a scene from a '70s action film, with elaborate gate designs, a grand mansion, rice fields, mango orchards, and a target shooting range within its grounds.

Bernadette remarked that it’s unbelievable how Lito transformed from his impoverished beginnings, as that version of him contrasts his current stature. However, the seasoned actor maintains his humility, never forgetting his roots as “anak ng labandera.”

He attributes his success to life's kindness, viewing it as mere coincidence. Yet, Bernadette believes it's not just luck but his mindset and perseverance that propelled him to where he is today. She learned that he preferred land as a talent fee over cash, a nod to his roots as a “magsasaka.”

Remaining loyal to his birthplace and hometown of Porac, Pampanga, Lito invested in properties in the province and stayed put. Despite the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, he managed to rebuild from the devastation.

Today, his compound features a thriving farm area, with him personally designing its irrigation system, “Dahil na-experience ko bilang magsasaka, kayang-kaya ko kung saan padadaanin ang tubig.” He is very much hands-on in managing his rice farm, applying the techniques, equipment, and rice varieties he learned in his youth. Harvesting rice is a bonding activity for him and his son Mark Lapid.

“Wala namang taong hindi nangangarap, eh. Kaya ‘yung pangarap mo, kunin mo dahil sandali lang naman tayo dito sa buhay. Kahit lagi tayong kinakantyawan, maipapakita ko rin na ito naman ‘yung nagawa ko,” he expressed when asked whether he truly dreamed of his current success.

It's almost as if his real-life story mirrors his on-screen roles as average guys facing "villains" who ridicule him for his humble beginnings and lack of diploma. However, rather than letting these insults deter him, they only fuel his grit and keep him firmly grounded.

“Tinatanggap ko na lang. Hindi naman ako nasasaktan. Wala naman akong magagawa do’n, wala, eh, pinanganak tayong mahirap. Labandera lang ang nanay ko,” he said.

“Dahil hindi ako nakapag-aral, lagi akong inaapi pagdating sa edukasyon. Kaya ‘pag ako nag-e-speech, lagi kong sinasabi sa kanila, pasalamatan mo ang iyong magulang dahil pinaaral kayo. Ako, gusto kong mag-aral pero hindi ako kinayang paaralin ng magulang ko. Dalawa kaming magkapatid. Namasukan ako para paaralin ko ang nakatatandang kapatid ko.”

Lito harbored ambitious dreams, but he never anticipated achieving all of them. As he often puts it, "Sinwerte lang ako." However, it's worth noting that he reached this status because he has the proper foundation and guidance.

As an actor, he drew inspiration from action legend Fernando Poe Jr., who had a distinct fighting style, so he crafted his own trademark technique, which features elaborate tricks such as tumbling and leaping before using his weapons like ropes, knives, and guns. He mentioned that his portrayal of the iconic character “Julio Valiente” was inspired by the anime “Voltes V” which was very popular at the time, hence the one-bullet-two-kills gunslinger approach.

Meanwhile, his path as a politician took root when he led rescue operations and relief efforts in Pampanga alongside his showbiz peers. This compassion for the underprivileged flourished within him, shaping his main focus as a senator to assist those in need. Among the 800 bills he proposed, one he takes pride in is the Free Legal Assistance Act, which guarantees free, high-quality legal services for the less fortunate.

As they proceeded with the tour from the farm area to the swimming pool and target shooting range, Lito shared that he has no enemies in real life, even in politics. “Hindi naman ako nangangarap ng mas mataas na posisyon kaya hindi ako threat sa kanila.”

His story reminds us deeply that our lives are filled with potential for victory, but it takes humility to get there, “Wala ka namang ipagmamalaki, eh. Pansamantala lang naman ang lahat ng ito. Pansamantala lang akong senador. Pansamantala lang ako dito sa ibabaw ng mundo. Hiram lang lahat sa atin ng Panginoon.”

And his greatest legacy will be the inspiration he imparts through his rags-to-riches story, “Sana maging inspirasyon ako na kahit hindi nakapag-aral, isang stuntman, isang extra, anak ng labandera, naabot ko pa rin ito.”

“Huwag silang matakot. Ako, puro takot ang inabot ko rito kasi parang wala akong tiwala sa sarili ko.” He added, “Huwag n’yong hayaan na sisikat ang araw at lulubog sa maghapon na wala kayong nalaman.”

The veteran action star joins forces with Coco Martin in “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo,” airing weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.