Lassy looks back on past hardships in life

It is said that the happiest people have the hardest experiences in life. And it speaks true to the life of comedian and It’s Showtime host Reginald Marquez, more popularly known by his screenname Lassy, who imparted a bit of his life in the latest episode of the ABS-CBN News program “Tao Po.”

He and his beloved family warmly welcomed TV Patrol reporter Jeff Caparas at their humble abode in Barangay Apolonio Samson, Quezon City, where they’ve been residing for over a decade and which served as a silent witness to his steadfastness and fortitude. Their insightful conversation commenced with Lassy revisiting his beginnings in the entertainment scene more than two decades ago.

Entering the field of entertainment was actually something that he never imagined, but that instantly changed one eventful night when he and his officemates from the publishing company where he used to work at as an account executive went to a comedy bar to gimmick. He enthusiastically went on the stage when invited by stand-up comedians that time and bantered with them, which impressed the manager and had him onboard. It was his fellow comedian and late friend Chokoleit who gave him the screenname “Lassy” while they were still both working at a comedy bar.

After over 20 years of working in comedy bars, Lassy was blessed to score jobs in TV and movies, with It’s Showtime and I Can See Your Voice as his current gigs. And all his hard work, persistence, and sacrifices were all worth because his dream home is now already under construction somewhere in Caloocan City.

His dream home is expected to be finished in September, which will have four bedrooms for him and his siblings, a carport, and a roof deck with a mini bar and kitchen where he and his family and/or can hang out. Since he loves to cook, the kitchen definitely has the biggest space.

As he and his family are about to transfer there a few months from now, he wishes to create happy memories with them, especially since life used to be difficult for them when he was still young. He recounted that his parents’ business in Palawan went bankrupt decades ago, which compelled Lassy to work while he was still in elementary. He decided to become a bananacue vendor for their neighbor who sold snacks in order to help with his family’s finances.

While it is deemed impossible to find genuine friends in the industry, Lassy has found his best friends in Vice Ganda, MC Calaquian, and Chad Kinis. Along with his other friends, they have stuck with him through thick and thin in the past decades and they also know his personal and family problems, as well as help him out in times of trouble, even before they emerged to stardom.

When quizzed regarding the common struggles that comedians like him confronts especially at present, he confessed how difficult it has been for them to make jokes without offending others. He remarked, “Noon kasi, kahit ano pwede. Kahit ano pwede mong jokes okay lang, tanggap ng mga tao. Pero ngayon kasi naiba. Sa bawat bibitawan mo, kailangang isipin mo muna. Ang hirap kasi baka may masaktan ka.”

Lassy then recalled an instance when his life got in danger when one of their customers in one of the comedy bars he used to work at got offended by his jokes and took those personally. Thus, the manager at the time advised him not to go home yet since that customer and his companions were exasperatingly waiting for him outside the bar.

The interview concluded with Lassy expressing his gratitude to himself for not easily giving up and encouraging him to continue doing the things that would make him happy and fulfilled without trampling other people.

“Reg, maraming-maraming salamat sa’yo kasi hindi ka sumuko sa buhay. Maraming salamat din dahil mas nakita mo kung ano ‘yong buhay na nararapat hanggang sa pagtanda mo. Salamat dahil nagtiyaga ka [para] sa buhay na gusto mong marating. Reg, alam kong mahina ka pero buti lumaban ka. Kung anong gustuhin mo sa buhay, gawin mo lang nang maayos at wala kang tinatapakan,” he stated.