Kuan on One Ep 1 Melai with Kim Chiu

"Kuan on One," hosted by the ever-charming Melai Cantiveros, our Kuantie, launched its Episode 1 on the ABS-CBN Entertainment YouTube Channel on Monday, July 1. This show, unique in its approach, is entirely in Bisaya, offering a refreshing platform for Bisaya artists to share their stories and celebrate their heritage.

The inaugural episode featured the beloved Kim Chiu, whose presence was nothing short of delightful, as she brought her bubbly energy to the show, keeping the 45-minute chat entertaining and relatable not only to Bisayas but to all those with big dreams.

While some might have expected the interview to be all about jokes and laughter, given Melai's reputation as a comedienne, the conversation turned out to be both amusing and deeply inspiring. Melai's organic punchlines added humor, but the core of the discussion was something viewers could learn from and be inspired by.


Kugihan ug ligon

Growing up, Kim was not spoonfed. Her independence started from a young age, helping her siblings and striving hard without anyone pushing her. She shared how her success is a combination of blessings and relentless prayers. Her strength and unwavering faith have seen her through the harsh realities of showbiz. However, balancing self-love and her career has become easier, as she realized that working hard is her form of self-love.

Kim's persevering nature is a testament to her work ethic. Despite her many achievements, she continues to grind tirelessly, motivated by her desire to provide a good future for her family. She never stops dreaming and hustling, so long as her job as an actress/entertainer keeps her happy in return, "Para lang ‘yang puzzle, kung hindi kasya, ilipat."

And maybe it's in Kim's Bisaya blood—being kugihan (hardworking) and ligon (resilient)—that makes her journey so compelling.


Lingin ang kinabuhi

The proud ‘Bisdaks’ fondly recalled their first experiences in Manila. Kim vividly remembers looking at the ABS-CBN compound as the Disneyland of the city. When she joined the first Teen Edition of "Pinoy Big Brother" (PBB) in the summer of 2006, she didn’t expect much—she only saw it as a 42-day experience, that is, if she would make it until the end. Besides, her conservative Chinese family valued privacy, making the ‘showbiz’ setup quite challenging.

After she was hailed as the first PBB Teens Big Winner and tried her luck in showbiz, her management advised her to just enjoy the moment since an artist's career is unpredictable. However, Kim not only enjoyed the journey, but also captivated audiences, leading to an extended and successful stay in showbiz. Now, she’s celebrating an impressive 18 years in the industry.

She looks back with fondness on receiving her first paycheck, which she used to buy the food she had missed during her time in the Big Brother house. It felt like healing her inner child as well, reflecting on her humble upbringing in Cebu City where they thought  only the wealthy could afford delicious meals. As a teenager at the time, she also saw it as a chance to buy a new cellphone.

"Mapapasabi ka talaga na, 'Hala, ang exciting pala ng life 'no? Kasi hindi ka laging nasa ilalim. Iikot pala... Lingin ang kinabuhi [bilog ang buhay]," she pondered, likening life to a wheel that constantly turns.

She has come to understand that every facet of her journey, even the ugly and heartbreaking parts, serves a purpose. “Kailangan mo talagang bumaba para maramdaman mo ang kagandahan kapag umakyat ka ulit.” Kim believes in the humbling power of life’s challenges, seeing them as opportunities for growth.

And as ‘ligon nga Bisaya’ (resilient Bisaya), she faces every obstacle head-on. "Nasa isip mo lang 'yan lahat. Masakit siya, pero i-embrace mo lang. Kasi maniniwala ka naman sa kasabihan na 'experience is the best teacher.'"


Dakong problema!

One segment of the show, known as "Dakong Problema" or Big Problem in English, has the potential to connect deeply with viewers on their journeys of growth and self-discovery. Here, Kuanizens send their letters seeking advice for the dilemmas they’re facing.

The first episode featured a letter sender named Rubilyn, a fresh graduate in Cebu with dreams of becoming a ‘main character’ in Manila. However, she feels overwhelmed with multiple aspirations—to advance her career, spend quality time with family, treat them to dining out and vacations, and find her ‘prince charming.’

Drawing from her own experience, Kim underscored the difference that prioritization can make, "Hindi mo ma-a-appreciate ang journey mo sa pagkuha mo ng isa mong dream kung isasabay mo lahat." If Kim were in Rubilyn's shoes, she would suggest focusing first on work, starting locally in Cebu before making the leap to Manila. Once established, she believes Rubilyn can pursue her other goals more effectively.


Ultimate Yawyaw

At the end of each interview, "Kuan on One" concludes with the "ultimate yawyaw" or ultimate chitchat where Melai and her guests share their concluding thoughts. They reflect on what they've learned throughout the conversation, offering final insights and takeaways.


Isa ka bundak sa mga Bisdak!

"Kuan on One" promises to be a significant platform for Bisaya voices, and its debut episode has set a high standard. Melai and Kim’s fun conversation was not just entertaining but also deeply inspiring. One of our favorite parts is discovering Bisaya words that mean something different in Tagalog, showcasing the richness and nuances of the Bisaya language.

The show beautifully captures the essence of Bisaya culture and the strength of its people. With such a strong start, "Kuan on One" is undoubtedly a must-watch, and we, the Kuanizens, eagerly anticipate future episodes from our beloved Kuantie.

Watch "Kuan on One" every Tuesday 6pm on ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel and iWantTFC.