Kris Aquino experiences the finest of La Union

Before leaving for Manila, KrisTV took its viewers to the best of La Union – the Halo Halo de Iloko Balay and Thunderbird Resorts. Kris, Bimby and Josh tasted authentic Ilokano cuisines at the tourist attraction, Halo Halo de Iloko Balay, in which the owner, Xavier Mercado, cooked their one-of-a-kind treats, deep fried halo-halo, okoy tikyoso and emparedados. The deep fried halo-halo consists of the usual halo-halo recipe, only a few more ingredients like honey, cheese and sticky rice were added. It was also cooked inside a lumpia wrapper. On the other hand, what made the okoy tikyoso exceptional is its sauce that the owner especially made, the sumayet okoy vinegar that Kris happened to love. Another specialty that Kris adored is the emparedados, bread stuffed with garlic longganisa. Kris said, “Josh really loved the halo-halo, I really like the native burger, it was so good, and ito ngang vinegar ko,” pertaining to the okoy vinegar that the owner gave her. Other Ilokano cuisines that the restaurant offers are the sinampalukang buknok, which consists of coconut and chicken, and the Ilokano express.

After satisfying their taste buds, the KrisTV team moved to the Thunderbird Resorts, their residence while in La Union. Kris was toured around and learned that this 62-hectare, Santorini-inspired resort has a 9-hole golf course, helipad and casino. Kris also showed the room they stayed in that demonstrates Mediterranean living. To cap off the day, the resident bistro, Olives Restaurant taught Kris their version of pizza Ilokano and homemade mango ice cream.