KoDi ChiManda RalphGail on Kilig Match

Three Pinoy Big Brother Connect love teams – KoDi or KoDrea, ChiManda, and RalphGail – brought netizens all the warm, fuzzy feelings to kick off Valentine’s Day in “Kilig Match.”

Kobi Brown and Andi Abaya, Chico Alicaya and Amanda Zamora, Ralph Malibunas and Gail Banawis made the 6th episode of “Kilig Match” more entertaining by taking on fun challenges and answering ‘kilig’ questions for every target amount of diamonds donated to live streaming app, Kumu. “Kilig Match” is the third phase of ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN Foundation’s fundraising drive for survivors of Super Typhoon Odette. 



We couldn’t help but go soft as the tandems had a little throwback to when their ships started sailing. They said they had no idea fans were already shipping them while they were just doing their thing inside Kuya’s house. Then, their closeness blossomed in the outside world.

Things turned a lot sweeter when the pairs flexed their ‘special feelings’ for each other in the ‘kilig harana’ segment. Ralph surprised Gail with stuffed toys (one is a banana to represent their fandom, Team Bananas) in the middle of his song. Kobi sang “Tahanan” to Andi because “she feels like home to me.” Meanwhile, Chico made Amanda smile with “Ngiti.”

Then, it was the girls’ time to perform a song for their love team partners. Amanda dedicated “Love Story” to Chico. Gail belted out an original song, “BGC,” that she wrote specially for Ralph. As Andi was singing, Kobi surprised her with flowers, a locket necklace with their photo, and a book about self-love.
Fans got another dose of ‘kilig’ as KoDi, ChiManda, and RalphGail played “Never Have I Ever” Challenge. We begin with the boys, who were all so honest admitting that they have stared at their partners, imagined asking them out on a date, texted them ‘good morning,’ and thought of them as girlfriend material. The guys made everyone super ‘kilig’ as they revealed what makes their partners girlfriend material. Ralph admires Gail’s patience and being supportive, Kobi said Andi is that one person he can always turn to, while Chico loves how Amanda makes him genuinely happy.

The girls also didn’t shy away from sharing their feelings in the same challenge. They admitted to acting ‘pabebe’ to their partners inside the PBB house and imagined the guys asking them out on a date. While KoDi and RalphGail often exchange text messages, ChiManda said they prefer talking face-to-face. The ladies also think of their partners as boyfriend material. Gail described Ralph as caring and sweet, Andi also thought Kobi being supportive and caring makes him her ideal guy, while Amanada said Chico is there to help and guide her.

Because you deserve to feel more cheesy, the love teams exchanged sweet letters and messages near the end of the show. At that point, Gail handed Ralph a special V-Day gift – toys for his puppies. The pairs also serenaded fans with more duet performances, and this time, Ralph handed Gail a rose. RalphGail just never runs out of romantic surprises!

Amanda will be spending Valentine’s Day in quarantine for an upcoming teleserye but she revealed that Chico already sent her flowers. She said her dream V-Date is spending time somewhere with a romantic view. For Gail and Andi, just being with their loved ones and that special person is already enough of a celebration. The girls said they’re not used to celebrating Valentine’s Day until they entered PBB house. Now we can’t wait for the boys to make the girls’ dream V-date happen! 

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