Kapamilya Confessions: Kiara, Lie, Shawntel, Jem reveal things they spend too much on, careers if they weren’t artists

Let’s connect again with the musical quartet from Pinoy Big Brother Otso — Kiara Takahashi, Shawntel Cruz, Jem Macatuno, and Lie Reposposa. Catch up with these fan-favorite PBB alums and get to know them more in this Kapamilya Confessions chikahan.

These four singing stars always stayed in touch even after their stay at PBB. Their common passion for music brought them together, but one project in particular deepened their friendship. When they were tapped by Kuya and given the task to collaborate and create PBB Connect’s theme song “Connected Na Tayo”, it was an incredible bonding experience for all of them.

Star Music released the track along with special singles from each of them, completing their newest album, “Connected Na Tayo: Ang Soundtrack Ng Bahay Mo vol. 2.” If you listen to the album, you’ll get a piece of who they are since Kiara, Shawntel, Jem, and Lie were involved right from the composition of their music. But, of course, they have much more stories to tell so netizens joined in their little Zoom session to hear them answer their curious questions.

To break the ice, the four had a mini Complete The Sentence Challenge. We’re not going to fill in all the blanks for you, but the four reveal the things like what they spend too much money on or what their career would be if they weren’t artists. Don’t miss out also on the quirky answers they would think of to some questions because you’ll definitely laugh with them.

One of the first things their fans wanted to know was their favorite thing about their career now. All of them love how they get to meet lots of different people. Kiara, in particular, appreciates all the people that are involved in making their projects a success,  “I get to work with different kinds of artists and it’s an honor for me to work with Kapamilya artists… ‘Di lang ‘yung mga artist, pero ‘yung mga team behind that experience.” Lie and Shawntel even add how everyone would also inspire them to grow and be better.

Shawntel, known for her kilig songs and sweet voice, was asked if she would be releasing a break-up song. She hasn’t given some solid details, but she’s assuring us that there is one in the works. Excited? You better hear her short sample of the chorus in the video!

Jem is also releasing some more music soon as several people can’t stop listening to his latest song, “Bagong Simula”.

The blooming Lie was asked once again the burning question everyone wants to know — how can they glow-up like her. Even when Lie was a contender on It’s Showtime’s Tawag Ng Tanghalan, she already had an air of confidence to her, but after that and PBB, she’s been on a new level. Now as part of the talented roster of celebrity contestants on Your Face Sounds Familiar Season 3, Lie is wowing audiences and making them wonder what’s the secret behind it all.

Lie simply advises everyone to love themselves because that’s all she did- she accepted her flaws and rose above her insecurities. She adds “The more na mag-compare ka sa iba, lalo ka lang mado-down at mapre-pressure. Tapos pag na-accept mo na lahat, magiging masaya ka at hindi mo mamamalayan na mag go-glow ka.”

Moving the conversation to their best bets for PBB Connect’s Big Four, these former housemates cannot decide. Each of them had a hard time choosing because every one just had that Big Four edge or factor to them. Jem further explains, “Lahat kasi ng mga nakapasok sa PBB, deserving kasi eh. Kasi hindi biro ‘yung process. Hindi mo masabi kung sino ‘yung gusto mo talaga makapasok sa Big Four”

The sensational group of singers may not have a concert lined up yet, but once they do, they already have some guests they would love to invite and perform with them. Ebe Dancel, Bamboo, Moira, KZ Tandingan, and Sarah Geronimo are just a few on the list.

Kiara, Shawntel, Jem, and Lie have a lot more going on in their individual journeys, including the struggles and challenges they face. Bashers especially may bother them, but these young artists know better and just remain strong and focused on what matters. As Kiara puts it perfectly, “Mas marami pa rin ‘yung mga taong sumusuporta sa atin at nagmamahal”.

Catch more of Kiara, Shawntel, Jem, and Lie in this episode of Kapamilya Confessions.