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Let’s face it: 2020 has been a tough year for everyone, to say the least. After the Taal Volcano eruption last January, Filipinos are now facing yet another challenge: the COVID-19 outbreak.

With everything that’s going on in the country right now, you need all the de-stressing you could get at home. To give you and your family a little bit of relief, iWant is offering over a thousand Pinoy titles you can watch for FREE—including your fave blockbuster hits!


Admit it—you’ve probably watched (and cried over) One More Chance for at least three times. And after 13 years, we still can’t get over the feels! Thanks to Popoy (John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (Bea Alonzo), the ‘3-month-rule’ became a valid expectation, lyrics served as monthsary gifts, and denying someone of crispy chicken skin became an inside joke among fans.

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If you need to relieve your stress by having a good cry, re-watch this classic breakup film! While you’re at it, check out A Second Chance on iWant, too, which focuses on Popoy and Basha as a married couple.


If there’s one thing we learned from Laida Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo), it’s to learn how to (sun) dance, even during rainy days—a reminder to find hope during these difficult times.

From ‘A Very Special Love’ to ‘You Changed My Life’ to ‘It Takes a Man and a Woman’, you could see how Laida changed from a modern-day sweetheart to a strong independent woman who values herself. To those in need of a pick-me-upper, catch all three films on iWant—and witness how they both Laida and Miggy transformed into the best versions of themselves.

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Because of the obligatory social distancing, you might not be getting that “power hug” anytime soon, so watching this couple hug it out would do, at least for now.


Looking for that much-needed nostalgia fix? Say no more, fam! Athena (Kathryn Bernardo / Dawn Zulueta) and Kenji’s (Daniel Padilla / Richard Gomez) got it covered! From fancy beepers to denim galore, it’s got the ‘90s written all over it!

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And since the movie revolves around both Athena / Kenji and Kelay / Kenneth’s narratives, it’s twice the love story, and twice the fun for #KathNiel and #DawnChard fans!


A woman named Macy (Angelica Panganiban) once said, “Hangga’t kaya mo, ‘wag kang susuko, ‘wag kang bibitaw.” The same applies to our feelings for ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’—there’s just no moving on from the movie that cemented the ‘hugot’ culture! Relatable lines? Check! A breathtaking setting? Check! Don’t even get us started on Macy and Anthony’s (JM de Guzman) explosive chemistry! This, indeed, is one of Direk Antoinette Jadaone’s unforgettable gems!

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No amnesia can ever make us forget Irene (Toni Gonzaga) and Apollo’s (John Lloyd Cruz) love story. They taught us that true love is not bound by time and challenges—and in this case, memories.

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With hit cheesy lines like, "Kung ikakasal ka saan mo gusto? Ako kasi sa tabi mo,” the movie was able to stay true to its rom-com genre, serving its fans some major kilig and multiple doses of laughter!


Do you miss seeing Coco Martin on screen? The invincible Ang Probinsyano actor stars in Super Parental Guardians, alongside THE Vice Ganda. Their characters, Paco and Arci, find themselves playing the roles of Momshie and Popshie to the children of Arci’s bestfriend, Sarah (Matet de Leon) after the latter passed away.

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Being one of the highest grossing Filipino films of all time, the movie includes plenty of laugh-aloud moments. But what fans rave about is the movie’s surprisingly touching narrative, especially when Arci and Paco find a common ground to keep their unconventional family intact.

So stay at home, stay healthy, and watch to your heart’s content! These are just some of the thousands of titles you can binge-watch on iWant for FREE. To check out the rest of them, visit or download the iWant app via Google Play Store or Apple App store.