Kathryn Dolly Kaori Nour Dare Pong

As “A Very Good Girl” continues to conquer various cinemas in the world, its stars also continue to amuse us as they let loose and show off their lighthearted facets in every Made For YouTube contents that they make.

And in this video, Kathryn Bernardo, Dolly de Leon, Kaori Oinuma, and Nour Hooshmand got us entertained as they enthusiastically played the fun “Dare Pong” game.

Based on the fun party game “beer pong”, the four daring ladies were divided into two groups, with each team having to shoot ping-pong balls into the cups of the other group. Once they’re able to shoot it, the other team had to do the dare stuck underneath the cup. They determined their teammates by doing the kampihan, in which Dolly and Kathryn became partners, while Nour and Kaori was paired with one another. The first one to take their turn were Kaori and Nour after the latter beat Kathryn in one round of bato-bato-pik.

The first one to shoot was Dolly, which compelled Nour and Kaori to talk in a British accent until their next turn. Nour was able to shoot the ball into the cup that asked Dolly to show her phone browser history, which mainly consisted of Monopoly Go, a parcel and courier delivery service, and UAP (or unidentified aerial phenomena) since she’s into aliens.

Nour was able to once again send the ball to another cup, which tasked Kathryn and Dolly to take a shot of hot sauce without reacting – and they nailed it like Philo and Mother Molly. They also got the same dare of talking in a British accent until their next turn when Nour scored anew. For the fourth time, Nour was able to make Dolly and Kathryn carry out another dare, which was to act like whatever animal someone yells out. The two did their cute depiction of elephant as told by Nour.

After a number of tries, Dolly was finally able to shoot a ball into the cups of Kaori and Nour, which obliged them to divulge what’s the most embarrassing thing they’ve done recently. For Kaori, she revealed that until now, she still sleeps on her taping chair since she doesn’t have a mattress yet in her condo. Meanwhile, for Nour, it’s when someone knocked on the door of her condo to confront her for being noisy while she was loudly singing Disney and musical songs. of course, she didn’t stop singing as she just kept it down a bit.

Kathryn and Dolly had to respond to the same question when Nour got to shoot a ball into another cup. For Kathryn, it happened during her most recent trip to Switzerland wherein her companions assumed that she farted upon sitting on a chair that produced a squeaky sound. She didn’t bother to explain anymore and just let them think whatever they wanted to think. Dolly also had an embarrassing moment recently when she attended the celebration of one of the films that she made, wherein the booze she drank came out to her nose.

For the first time, Kathryn was able to shoot a ball, which made Kaori and Nour do the same challenge of acting like whatever animal someone yells out. The two young actresses did the monkey as requested by Dolly.

Kaori and Nour then had to reveal a TV show or movies that is their guilty pleasure after Dolly was able to score. For Nour, it’s the American reality television series “The Kardashians” while for Kaori, it’s the Japanese animated fantasy film “My Neighbor Totoro.”

Nour was able to shoot again, which compelled Dolly and Kathryn to read the last five text messages on their phones. And for those who are anticipating that they’re going to divulge something intriguing, sorry to burst your bubble but the most recent messages they received were from their banks and were work-related.

The tandem of Nour and Kaori gave us samples of their favorite problematic songs as the cup where Kathryn was able to send her ball asked them to do so. Dolly did the same when they got the same question from the cup where Nour was able to shoot her ball.

It was then Nour and Kaori’s turn to share their phone browser history, which were pretty interesting.

In the end it was the team-up of Kaori and Nour that won since there were still five cups remaining on their side of the table, while there were only three on Kathryn and Dolly’s.

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