2G2BT girls Kapamilya Family Date Night

What’s your idea of the best girls’ night out? For the female stars of “2 Good 2 Be True,” it’s all about fun ‘bukingan’ and baring their hearts’ deepest ‘hugots’ for a good cause!

In the 5th episode of Kapamilya Family Date Nights, which is part of ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN Foundation’s “Isang Daan sa Pagtutulungan”, the girls of upcoming KathNiel series “2 Good 2 Be True” engaged viewers with fun games and ‘chika’ while raising funds for Typhoon Odette survivors. For this phase, ABS-CBN Foundation aims to provide home repair kits for Kapamilyas affected by the calamity.  



Joining lead star Kathryn Bernardo are Alyssa Muhlach, Gillian Vicencio, Pamu Pamorada, Via Antonio, and Bianca De Vera, with host Alora Sasam. To kick off the fun, they played “Guilty or Not Guilty” Challenge where we got to hear their thoughts about love, friendships, beauty, and whatnot.



The first question was about using expired makeup/skincare products, which Pamu and Via are guilty of. The former got an old makeup product from her sister while the latter refused to toss pre-pandemic lipsticks that she wasn’t able to use during the heightened lockdown. Meanwhile, Alyssa said she’d rather throw out old items if she’s unsure of the expiration dates rather than risk it. Kathryn shared a hack learned from her makeup artist Denise Ochoa that smelling the product is one way to tell if it’s expired.

Next, the girls were asked if they’re guilty of accidentally spilling either their own or someone else’s secret. Alyssa has two sisters, so it’s impossible not to share secrets with them. On whether girls also open up secrets to their boyfriends, Kathryn lectured us about ‘girl code,’ which means she’s not allowed to reveal other friends’ secrets even to boyfriend Daniel Padilla. From there, they all agreed that boys are more ‘marites’ than girls.

We go next to questions about love and dating. All are not guilty of using dating applications, especially Alyssa who waits for the guy to make the first move or confess, “Kahit gustong-gusto ko, kailangan siya mauna.” On the other hand, Kathryn believes it doesn’t matter who confesses first, as long as the feelings are genuine. Yes, Queen Kath said she’s guilty of confessing her feelings for someone. So is Bianca, who got her heart broken the last time she confessed. Via is also guilty, saying she penned a letter to her crush in high school; also Gillian who got a super huge crush on a schoolmate before to the point that she’s present in almost all his dance contests and performances.

Good girls as they are, they have never ghosted someone. But, they experienced being ghosted. Gillian started the confession session, “Inamin niya ‘di ba? Ewan ko sa kanya.” She’s obviously talking about JC Alcantara, who previously revealed in a “Truth or Dare” episode that he ghosted her. On Gillian’s part, though, she can say that she wasn’t that emotionally invested, although it was the first time her mom allowed her to date ‘solo’ and commute far. But as JC put it, she also believes they’re better off as friends, “Baka tama nga ‘yung sinabi niya na mas mabuting ganito ‘yung nangyari sa amin. Kasi kung naging kami, baka di kami okay ngayon.”

Alyssa has been ghosted as well. She said the guy suddenly ended contact, then resurrected after 5 months, but of course she wasn’t interested anymore. It also took Pamu 5 months to hear again from a guy she was dating.

On being rejected, Bianca said she’s guilty but happy that the guy still offered her friendship. Same goes for Gillian, who revealed she was already ghosted three times. Kathryn has never been rejected and she wishes to not experience this greatest fear of hers.

The best part of the game was them sharing their wisest thoughts about ‘falling for the wrong person.’ While it’s easy to tag ex-boyfriends/girlfriends as the wrong person and failed relationships as mistakes, the ladies don’t look at it that way.

Alyssa said, “This person will lead you to who you’re really meant to be with. It’s not that masama siyang tao, it’s just that you’re not good for each other.” The actress-beauty queen underscored that even failed relationships can shape you into a better person, “It made me wiser and stronger. I know that someday I will be able to learn from all of that and give my all to someone who deserves it. So, feeling ko hindi siya wrong person kasi if hindi siya dumating, I would have not learned.”

Kathryn added, “Baka hindi kayo meant sa moment na ‘yun pero hindi ibig sabihin mistake ‘yung buong nangyari. Kasi kahit saan mo pa tingnan, may makukuha kang lesson sa tao na ‘yun.” And these lessons will play important roles to avoid the same heartbreak in the future.

Even Bianca believes that a breakup will serve its “purpose” while Pamu calls it “a lesson and blessing.” Via, who thought she can change a guy for the better, now realized that change must come from the guy himself.

They also shared their opinion on social media etiquette. Kathryn is guilty of unfollowing a Filipino celebrity online, “Feeling ko kung nase-stress ako by seeing the posts, hindi naman sa pagiging childish, it’s just for yourself.” Gillian added that it was part of her healing process because seeing that person on social media only adds to the pain caused by that person.

On arguing with bashers, Pamu said she would defend herself and fellow artists. Same goes for Gillian who draws a line between constructive criticism and personal attacks. Good for Kathryn and Alyssa, they have supportive mothers who’d fight for them.  

At the end of the game, Gillian was dared to upload her wackiest photo on Instagram since she had the most ‘guilty’ answers.

The group went on to share their taping essentials. Kathryn showed her top five – a camera to keep all the memories, fashion tapes to secure her tops (a hack learned from Director Cathy Garcia-Molina), candies or chocolates, medicine kit, and books.



Alyssa has her tablet where she keeps her notes and scripts, tumbler, alcohol, and shawl because she’s a ‘lamigin’ girl. Bianca, playing a perky girl in the series, must always get her coffee fix. Via also brings her coffee equipment; she used to bring books on set “pero nauuwi ako sa matinding chikahan.” Gillian must not forget to bring food “lalo na ‘pag madaling araw nagugutom ako talaga.” Pamu packs her taping bag with bath essentials including shower gels, shampoo, conditioner, and soaps.

Now here’s the most exciting part of the episode – the set tour where we got to meet some characters! We got a glimpse of Lolo Hugo (Ronaldo Valdez)’s mansion. In there, we saw his car collection maintained by driver Badong (Smokey Manaloto) and the garden cared for by the trusted ‘hardinero’ Tino (Hyubs Azarcon).

Going to the dirty kitchen, we were introduced to the bubbly duo of Gemma (Pamu) the house helper and Chubs (Via), the cook. There’s also Lolo Hugo’s assistant, Jill (Alyssa), who appears kind of strict, and a potential enemy of Ali played by Kath.

Although we didn’t see her character in the set tour video, Gillian gave a sample of her boyish charm as Toks, the childhood buddy of Daniel, Yves Flores, and Matt Evans’ characters. Bianca plays the ‘kikay’ Pat, Ali’s sister.

Kathryn, who dons a new look in the series, plays Alison or Ali, a nurse and part-time online seller. She’s the breadwinner sending her sister Pat to school. The Queen of Hearts is excited to be back on primetime with boyfriend Daniel after five years. She said every taping day is full of good energy and lessons, especially when she’s having scenes with veteran actor Ronaldo Valdez.

“Ibang experience ‘pag kaeksena mo si Tito Ron. Fan niya ako before and now ako na ‘yung president ng fans club niya. I love him so much. Ang saya-saya ko na tinanggap niya ‘tong show na ‘to,” expressed Kathryn.

The other cast members are likewise happy to work with KathNiel and get to know everyone. “May common energy, common positivity as a person” as Via put it.

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