Kapamilya Tree: The Padilla Family
Kapamilya Tree The Padilla Family 1

The Padilla family is one of the big names in the entertainment industry. At present, four generations of the Padillas have made their way into the spotlight through their respective singing, dancing, and acting talents. It all started with six Padilla siblings: Carlos Padilla, Sr., Roy Padilla, Pilar Padilla, Cristina Aragon, Amado Cortez, and Ateng Osorio.

The senior Carlos (1910-1962) was an Olympic boxer and actor. He was the father of Melanie and the Carlos Jr. The 2nd-gen Carlos, more known as Sonny, is also involved with both the sport and the acting business. He first came to international promimence after being the referee of the third fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in 1975.

Carlos Jr. is the father of singer-actress Zsazsa Padilla. She was born as Esperanza, after her mother. Aside from being a renowned and multi-awarded performer, she is also a songwriter, commercial model, product endorser, and music producer. He was also the grandfather of Gino Padilla, one of the coutry's pop icons in the 80's. Zsazsa is the mother of Karylle, likewise a singer. Karylle is the half-sister of another singer-songwriter Zia Quizon--daughter of Comedy King Dolphy.

Roy Padilla's (or Casimiro Padilla Sr., 1926-1988) brood of showbiz personalities is larger than Carlos Sr.'s. He was an actor, director, and a politician, having served as governor of Camarines Norte from 1975 to 1988. He was the father of actors Royette (the eldest), BB Gandanghari (born as Rustom), Rommel, and Robin (the youngest) with spouse and actress herself Lolita Eva Cariño. The four were popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s for their action films. Bela Padilla, Coco Martin's other leading lady in the hit teleserye Ang Probinsiyano, is the granddaughter of Roy Padilla.

Rommel has three sons in the showbusiness. RJ (born Ronnel), his son with Anabelle Antonio, starred in the film "Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina, at Mga Anak" (2014). Pangako Sa 'Yo star Daniel is Rommel's sons with actress Karla Estrada. Daniel's half-brother, JC, recently launched his music career through ABS-CBN Star Music. JC is the son of Karla and Pearl of the Orient vocalist Naldy Padilla. Naldy is the cousin of Rommel.

Robin Padilla has four children with first wife Liezl Sicangco--Ali, Queenie, Kylie, and Zhen-Zhen. Like his second cousin RJ, Kylie also appeared in "Sa Ngalan ng Ama, Ina, at Mga Anak" (2014). She also started a career in singing in 2014. Queenie is an actress and talent under ABS-CBN. Fifteen-year-old Ali played bit parts in his father's telenovela in 2010.

Pilar of the first-gen Padilla artists was the wife of actor, director, and screenwriter Gregorio Fernandez. Their son Rudy (1952-2008) took on the family's lineage in the entertainment industry. He was a prominent action star in 80s and 90s. He had two sons with wife and actress Lorna Tolentino: Raphael and Renz, both actors themselves. His son with Alma Moreno, Mark Anthony, rose to prominence as one of the famous teen group called the "Gwapings". Mark Anthony's 14-year-old son, Grae Fernandez, is also taking showbiz by storm as a member of the Gimme 5 group of ASAP and an up and coming drama actor.

Cristina Aragon portrayed Valentina of the first-ever Darna movie in 1951.

Amado Cortez (1928-2003) was a Filipino actor and diplomat. He made movies with LVN Pictures, the Santiagos, and Premiere Production during his heydays. He married Gloria Sevilla.

Ricardo "Bebong" Osorio, son of director and writer Consuelo "Ateng" Osorio, is an actor and director known for "Julian Vaquero" (1984) and Mistah (1994).

Who will be the next Padilla to grace our TV and movie screens?