Revenge-themed Kapamilya Teleseryes

Serving up sweet justice through eye-for-an-eye storylines, shocking plot twists, quotable dialogues, and jaw-dropping confrontation scenes, revenge-themed teleseryes are a must-watch.

Through the years, ABS-CBN has offered viewers a sense of catharsis through shows that tackle the compelling theme of revenge. The recent Kapamilya series under this genre, Dirty Linen (2023), even changed the landscape of primetime drama.

The riveting tale was created with a dose of reality that made viewers want to dismantle the structure of injustice, challenge an imbalanced system that favors only the privileged. At the helm of karma was Alexa/Mila (Janine Gutierrez), who embodied a woman capable of not only enduring pain but also mustering up the nerve to fight for the truth and solve her mother and her friends’ relatives’ mysterious ‘disappearance’.

Together with her friends-turned-family, aka Team Resbak, they went through well-executed game plans against the Fiero clan, who reigned in the town of Alhambra, and make them pay for their sins.

If you were obsessed with “Dirty Linen,” you certainly loved the other teleseryes in this list too, as they also come with multifaceted characters, carefully plotted schemes and vivid storytelling centered on the theme of revenge.

One of the earliest dramas to tackle this subject was Magkaribal (2010), also the first-ever fashion-themed series in the country. It revolved around the lives of Gelai/Angela (Bea Alonzo) and Victoria/Anna (Gretchen Barretto). As the story unfolds, they realized that they are actually sisters who were estranged from one another after their mother’s death and their father’s infidelity forced them to live on the streets.

Gelai was adopted by a couple who ran a textile shop. She fulfilled her and her sister’s aspirations of becoming a designer, and worked hard to join the team of renowned fashion designer Vera Cruz (Angel Aquino), her father’s mistress. Meanwhile, Anna rose to fame as a supermodel through the help of fashion virtuoso Ronaldo Valera (Robert Arevalo) who took her under his wings.

When we talk about revenge, we certainly can’t leave out Maja Salvador’s iconic drama Wildflower (2017) where she breathed life to the character of Lily Cruz, whose family fell victim to the wicked Ardiente clan. Surviving their attempted murder, Lily was adopted by a wealthy woman, who shaped her into the most dangerous enemy of the Ardiente family.

Hardened by hatred and equipped with the resources necessary to overthrow the Ardientes, she returned to her hometown and wreaked havoc in their lives. In the Arientes’ destruction lied Lily’s redemption.

Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin (2020) was another revenge drama that got us hooked with the tug-of-war between erstwhile best friends Ellice (Iza Cazado) and Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria).

Ellice accidentally committed a crime, for which Marissa was compelled to take responsibility in exchange for a large sum of money and holding on to the belief that Ellice’s father, Jorge (Lito Pimentel), could quickly secure her release from jail. However, Jorge failed to fulfil his promise, which set the template of the series.

Marissa struggled behind bars, fuelling her desire for revenge against Ellice. After serving time, she reunited with Elice and set her revenge plans into motion, ruining Ellice’s company and her marriage with Gabriel (Sam Milby).

Last but not the least is La Vida Lena(2021) headlined by Erich Gonzales, who portrayed Magda, a barrio lass who excelled in her studies and managed to put up her soap business despite being mocked and discriminated for her scarred face. Magda clashed with the Narciso family, the owners of a big cosmetic company called Royal Wellness. The Narcisos turned Magda’s life into a living hell when she turned down their generous offer in exchange for her organic soap formula.

Part of the Narcisos’ schemes to get rid of Magda was sending her to jail and killing her unborn child. Magda marinated in hate after the series of misfortunes brought by the Narcisos. After serving her time in jail, she decided to start anew by working together with a former surgeon, Ramona (Janice de Belen), and came back as the fiercer, bolder, and prettier Lena, ready to open a box of secrets, deceit and manipulation that would destroy the Narcisos, oblivious to the fact that the Narciso patriarch, Lukas (Raymond Bagatsing) is her biological father.

Which of these revenge-themed teleseryes is your favorite, Kapamilya?