Teleserye Female Characters Profession

The world belongs to anybody who wants to make a difference, regardless of gender. In the past decades, there have been enormously talented and strong women leaving their mark across various fields, including businesses, medical, legal, the military, and law enforcement.

And in this era of empowerment, Kapamilya teleseryes have been showcasing female characters that empower women to believe they can choose any job they like. This Women’s Month, we draw inspiration from these characters who have excelled and made a difference through their chosen professions.

First on the list is Regina Vanguardia (Janella Salvador), the voice of the voiceless in the town of Nueva Esperanza. As a superhero story, Mars Ravelo’s Darna had characters that were made to serve as role models in the battle of good versus evil. And by evil, it meant not only the ‘Extras’ that spread horror across Nueva Esperanza but also the ‘social and political evils’ that the town needed to fight. Regina used her platform as a lawyer and a vlogger to call out lousy government officials, help calamity victims on the ground, and protect the poor from injustices.

Similarly, Barrio Maulap had Teresa Dichavez (Judy Ann Santos). She’s the savvy yet compassionate lawyer who helped people, especially those from her hometown pursue justice in the inspirational drama Starla.

Some Kapamilya teleseryes also featured women who redefined the health workforce, such as 2 Good 2 Be Trues Nurse Ali Fajardo (Kathryn Bernardo), who demonstrated a female nurse’s capacity in assessing emergency situations, and her natural ability to care from the heart.

As a doctor, The Broken Marriage Vow’s Jill Ilustre (Jodi Sta Maria) has a big heart for the community. She administered medical missions in far-flung areas and saved lives during off-duty emergencies without expecting anything in return from those she treated.

In Asintado, Ana Dimasalang (Julia Montes) dedicated herself to a mission of rescuing lives as an emergency medical responder. She would plunge into dangerous situations to aid those in need, proving that female EMTs are also equipped with skill and a dauntless spirit

If there’s someone who can embody the “lady boss” tag, it would be none other than Ellice Cenidoza (Iza Calzado) of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin. As the director of Cenidoza Pearls, she was on top of her game. She served as a reminder that women can make great CEOs.

Rhian Bonifacio (Angel Locsin) from The General’s Daughter carried the torch for female soldiers, proving that we need women in the defense forces. She showcased how women warriors slay in combats and crucial decision-making.

From the field of law enforcement, Iris del Rosario (Lovi Poe) defied gender norms with her job as a detective. She solved crimes and kick the bad guys, brushing aside her personal emotions to solve her cases.

Things have certainly changed as women embrace the freedom to go for any career they love. Let these female characters in Kapamilya teleseryes serve as inspiration.