Kapamilya stars impress with their unique, fascinating collections

Collecting something we totally obsess about can be a soothing hobby, a unique way to add pizzazz to a space, or even a source of profit. Some collect out of sentimentality while others are simply up for the challenge of searching for the rarest item. In some episodes of Kapamilya Chat, celebrities gave us a peek into their most precious collection – from vintage to modern and cool to quirky!


Gerald Anderson’s Iron Man Collection

It’s no secret that Gerald Anderson is a huge Iron Man fan. Collector’s items are displayed all over the house – inside his room, in the hallways, in the closet, and others are arranged on the walls. For an episode of Kapamilya Chat, Gerald showed some of his Iron Man pieces displayed downstairs.

Dozens of Iron Man action figures are neatly assembled on a table. The most expensive in his collection is the life-sized Iron Man statue that’s even taller than him and standing guard as though looking after the smaller figurines.

He also owns Iron Man books and shoes. Of course, there has to be Iron Man apparel and gear. He wore the superhero’s costume to a Halloween party in 2016 and he plans to have an Iron Man full armor suit.

Gerald started his collection since watching the first Iron Man movie. He’s a big fan of Robert Downey, Jr. as well. In 2019, he turned his ‘fanboy’ mode on when he saw Robert aka Iron Man in the flesh!


Dominic Ochoa’s Vintage Cars

Aside from being a passionate actor, Dominic is also a certified car nut. This isn’t a secret, anyway, as he is known to dominate the tracks, with impressive car racing accolades under his belt and a vintage auto collection that every male adrenaline junkie would envy.

Dominic took us to his garage and had us gawking at his exotic Volkswagen Beetle, a popular one in the car community and was originally owned by the late Danding Cojuangco. Next on his classy old-school collection is a 1979 Ford Escort, his dad’s favorite; and a classic 1995 Range Rover, still adorned with its original paint and interior. Also on display is his winning racecar in the 2018 Vios Cup where he emerged as the champion. His college car since 1993 is still seated in the garage, as he considers it his lucky charm. He also owns a 1960 MGA which he uses in tours. Parked at the sides of the garage are his motocross buddies.

The Huwag Kang Mangamba star finds comfort and relaxation in Sunday morning road trips solo or with friends.

The passion about cars started with the influence of Dominic’s father, also a racer. The first car he and his Dad restored together was the 1979 Ford Escort. Asked which among his collection is his most favorite, Dominic said, “Lahat sila paborito ko kasi lahat ‘yan may istorya. The Range Rover ginamit ko panligaw sa asawa ko, ‘yung Escort unang binuo namin ng Daddy ko. ‘Yung college car, iyon ang swerte sa buhay ko at kasama ko sa hirap at ginhawa.”


Edward Barber’s Funko Pop items

As sentimental as he is, teen idol Edward Barber turns his childhood memories into a wide Funko Pop collection. It brings him nostalgia and also a reminder to keep going.

During the interview, he first showed a bubblehead figure of Kakashi Hatake from his favorite anime series “Naruto.” The MayWard fandom knows how much he loves “Naruto,” so they gifted him a Naruto (Rasengan) toy figure, and that’s when the hobby started.

He also has stuff from “Pokemon,” his ultimate childhood show, thus reminiscent of afternoon with playmates. The bunch also includes “One Punch Man” and “Star Wars” collectibles.

One of his top picks is a Post Malone vinyl figure which he got from San Francisco while doing the ASAP Natin ‘To Bay Area shows. His favorite childhood anime character, Squirtle from “Pokemon,” is the latest addition to the bunch.

There’s one that holds a special meaning to his love team partner, Maymay Entrata. It’s the Majin Buu bubblehead from “Dragon Ball Z.”

A responsible collector with a heart, Edward doesn’t spend too much on the toys and he only keeps those with sentimental value. “I just collect the ones that have special meaning to me. Doon ‘yung tunay na treasure. Every single one of them has a specific memory attached to them,” he said.


Rita Avila’s Minion Collection

Veteran actress Rita Avila, who recently roused hate among viewers of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, proves she’s only a kontrabida on-cam and a real kid-at-heart behind the cameras. She still gushes over dolls and cartoon characters. She even owns a wide, super cute collection of kids’ favorite Minion items.

These adorable blue and yellow creatures are characters from the hit movie “Despicable Me” launched in 2010, so that’s a decade’s worth of collection for Rita. She watched all the movies, of course.

Wearing a minion-printed shirt, Rita showed off the tiniest item in her collection which is a minion earring she got from husband Director FM Reyes. He also gifted her with talking minion toys – the most expensive of them all.

Rita buys anything that has to do with minions. She has minion tumblers, lunch boxes, and even chopsticks. There also has to be a minion bathroom collection including towels, bath and hand soap, toothbrush, and even toothpaste.

Her collection also features minion neck pillow, sleepwear, blanket, pull-overs, and bedroom slippers. The biggest is a giant, almost bed-sized, minion pillow.

The plethora of minion goods likewise includes stationery items such as notebooks, stickers, and color pencils. The talented actress can wear her love for minions with her hats, bonnets, sling bags, handbags, aprons, and socks; or carry it around with her minion handkerchiefs, coin purse, bag tags, key chains, fan, and cell phone cases.

Completely taken over by the minion fever, she also has a minion charger, speaker, gift cards, hair iron, coin bank, masks, and a minion perfume. Scattered and displayed all over the room are the cuddly minion stuffed toys.

The cute characters are featured in paintings, and banners (banderitas) which she puts on display during events and parties at home or outdoors. She also has the evil minion characters in purple. To top off her collection tour, Rita surprised us with minion candies.

Rita wouldn’t mind splurging on all things minion. Some of these are gifts from friends as well like the collector’s item she got from Katrina Halili.


Iza Calzado’s shoes

“Every shoe has a story,” says Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin star Iza Calzado as she gives us a tour of her shoe closet in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

She also calls her shoes “babies” and there are a lot of them! The fascination with shoes started when she transferred to ABS-CBN. She was told that shoes are a good investment. Remember when stars would guest on talk shows like The Buzz and low-key flex their outfits? That’s what Iza had in mind.

These days, though, she stopped buying more and more shoes, struck by realizations about the pandemic and her battle with COVID-19. “All of these, they’re beautiful and nice, right? But, you know what, when I was in the hospital, none of these things helped me pull through when I needed it most. These are all material things and they’re great. But, I think, what we should really be investing in are experiences, properties perhaps, and most importantly relationships,” she muses. With the situation we are in, she doesn’t get to wear most of these pairs.

The award-winning actress has a pair of animal-print sneakers as her go-to shoes. She also likes Birkenstock for comfort.

Iza sure had her Cinderella moment when she got a pair of sandals from her husband Ben Wintle. It’s the only pair she got from him, noting that her husband is not that materialistic. And if Ben plans to gift her with another pair, she would rather say ‘no’, still thinking about what really matters.

To end the show, Iza shows a pair of stiletto which she brought to Los Angeles, “Ang komportable kasi nito. May dala akong coconut cider na pasalubong sa kaibigan ko, nabasag kaya medyo brownish ‘yung ibang parts.”


Miles Ocampo’s Digital and Film Cameras

With her growing love for photography, Miles Ocampo baptized herself as “Miss Memory Hoarder.” The hobby of taking photos that started as a kid has grown into an impressive camera collection. And if a picture paints a thousand words, her photos convey stories of beautiful memories.

She bought her first camera when she was about 16. But she had to sell it for an upgrade. Miles first showed us a Fujifilm X70, now a rare model available only in Japan. It’s her ultimate pick for everyday fun because it’s handy and comes with a selfie feature. Next in her collection is the Osmo Pocket handheld camera which she often brings to taping locations.

She also owns a collection of film cameras. The best thing about film cameras, according to Miles, is the element of surprise, of not knowing what to expect from the prints until the film is developed.

Her first purchase was a Minolta SR-T 101 which is known for its classic design. She also likes her Pentax 120Mi for its zoom feature. The Olympus Pen is her best choice for outdoor photoshoots as it requires natural lighting. Lastly, she flaunted her favorite, the Ricoh R1 model.

All of these cameras, except for one, are all products of Miles’ hard work. She saved up and purchased them, without her mother knowing. “Kunwari bigay lang para end of conversation,” she quipped. 

Miles believes that she’s not yet an expert but she’s learning even just by online tutorials. She also attended classes in film photography.


Elmo Magalona’s Sports Shoe Collection

As a basketball enthusiast, it’s not surprising to know that Elmo Magalona has a wide collection of sports shoes plus other styles that reflect his edgy yet spirited personality.

Elmo showed us his collection, starting with a pair of black shoes that have a sleek leather-like upper and rubber outsole. He got it as a gift from his mom during an out-of-the-country trip.

White shoes are a big part of his fashion taste. He has tons of them as workout and basketball footwear. One of his top picks is a white Nike LeBron pair which he got from his fans and he wore on the court for the Star Magic All-Star Games in 2019.

The trendsetter also owns several pairs of formal footwear, and boots that he takes on to feel like an action star. Adding a bit of color to his collection, he got a pair of the iconic Adidas Superstars in blue, made more stylish by the letters ‘TOKYO’ embossed beneath the trademark three stripes. He got it from a thrift shop in Japan and served as a souvenir from the family tip.

Elmo isn’t the type to pour money down the drain just to grow his collection. Most of his shoes are just gifts from family and friends. But the most expensive one would have to be the YSL boots – another present from his mom.

As a shoe lover, Elmo always opts for comfort and quality without sacrificing style. 


Vivoree Esclito’s BTS items

It’s amusing to know that even the artists we admire would ‘stan’ other performers as well. In the case of Vivoree Esclito, the K-pop group BTS captured her fangirl heart. The certified ARMY gave us a glimpse of her BTS obsession in one episode of Kapamilya Chat.

Vivoree’s music taste used to be just about OPM and Western songs. This changed when she joined showbiz. One day, out of boredom and when she was starting to doubt her choice of career, she decided to give BTS videos a try. And she fell in love in an instant. “I actually believe that you won’t find BTS. They find you,” she said, in a tone that’s full of a fangirl’s devotion.

She gets more than just ‘kilig’ from Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook! She also draws inspiration from them to write new songs.

Vivoree started the tour by showing us her copy of BTS’ “Love Yourself: Answer” album. The “Love Yourself” album series comes in four versions. Each package contains a mini book, photo book, photo cards, sticker packs, and posters. She also has a copy of “Map of the Soul: Persona”.

Vivoree is one lucky gal as she doesn’t need to spend too much for her fangirl whims. Her own fans would do it for her. “Dahil alam nilang sobrang fan ako ng BTS, they give me albums. May mga stuff din ako sa kwarto ko ng mga BTS like stuffed toys, posters, and makeup.” In fact, the latest album titled “Be” is the only album she spent her money on.


iDolls: Lucas Garcia’s earrings, Enzo Almario’s phone cases, and Matty Juniosa’s One Direction merch

Apart from their love for performing and entertaining people, the trio of Matty Juniosa, Enzo Almario, and Lucas Garcia are passionate about collecting items that talk so much about their colorful personalities.

As a kid, the perky Enzo used to have a keychain collection through the help of his ever-supportive father. He outgrew them and found his new niche – cell phone cases. Walk him inside a phone accessory store and he’d come out with one or two cases especially if the item would only cost no more than Php 250.

Enzo revealed that he shares the collection with his boyfriend. Of course, they love couple cases. One of his most favorites is a rainbow phone case that reminds him of LGBT pride. Add to that the “Adventure Time” items and a gold case with a ring holder which he got as a gift.

Apart from his soothing voice, Lucas’ unique sense of style is a hit among his fans and the netizens. He is always seen sporting fashionable outfits and stylish earrings. Apparently, Lucas owns a vast collection of earrings mostly elegant chandelier-types. And he has a cute earring organizer to match!

His ultimate pick is an LGBT-inspired rainbow hoop earring he wore when their group was born in Davao. Another favorite is a glittery rainbow dangle piece he wore when they performed for Judy Ann Santos. The funny Lucas shared a hilarious anecdote attached to a drop earring he wore in Pampanga, one night wherein three admirers fought for his attention.

For Matty, his obsession with One Direction is worth every penny. He used to be a Belieber until One Direction took the music scene by storm in 2010. He saw them as “Justin Bieber times five.”

Matty showed us two large storage boxes containing all things 1D–a bunch of posters, books, magazines, albums, and more. He even owns the same albums in different covers.

The ‘faney’ mode wouldn’t be complete without a concert experience of course. Matty made sure to watch his idols perform live whatever it takes. Then-4th year high school Matty saved up his allowance, contacted relatives here and abroad, and he even reached out to his estranged father to collect Php 17, 000 for a VIP ticket.

He lined up for 24 hours at the ticketing center. But the tickets sold like hotcakes, so he went home frustrated. The plot twist was his mom secured a ticket through a friend’s help and she just wanted to surprise him.

Matty still loves One Direction to this day despite the disbandment in 2016. However, as he gets older, he is starting to outgrow the crazy fanboy stage and pass the collection to his younger sibling.