Kapamilya stars get candid about their feelings and takes on love

It’s always a delight to listen to insightful thoughts about love and relationships especially if they come from the celebrities we adore. Through their candid confessions, not only we learn a thing or two but we also dive deep into these stars’ attitude when it comes to relationships. Here are some of the best love wisdom and ‘hugots’ shared by Kapamilya stars on Kapamilya Chat!

Arci Munoz

“There’s no need to hurry” is the key message of all the ‘hugots’ shared by Arci Munoz while promoting her MMK episode titled “2 Love Again.”

The talented actress shared that friends tease her about being single. She would simply laugh it off because she’s not in a hurry. She has found joy in the waiting, just taking the time to grow and bloom even more in the season she’s in. Her mantra is to live life to the fullest and she was reminded more of this last year due to the pandemic.

She further expressed her opinion about cheating and second chances. She stressed that cheating twice is too much of a felony. Sometimes, the second chance may only lead to more trouble than a sense of calm in the relationship.

She believes relationships thrive because of forgiveness. However, we must also learn when to stop. Know when enough is enough and listen to the red flags.

“Most importantly, ‘yung pagmamahal mo sa kanya o pagmamahal mo sa sarili mo? Napagdaanan ko ‘yan, eh. How many times do I have to look mukhang tanga na talaga to realize na it’s enough? Binabatukan ka na ni Lord, nandiyan na sa harapan mo lahat ng signs na pwede mong hingin at dapat mong makita pero ikaw bulag-bulagan ka pa rin.”

The Walang Hanggang Paalam star maintained that there’s no reason to rush into love. Besides, the universe will know when you are ready to start a new relationship. “Mag-aattract ‘yan, eh. Kapag buo ka na sa sarili mo, when you are really happy about your life, mag-aattract ‘yan ng tamang tao. I swear. Don’t rush.”


Angelica Panganiban

Angelica Panganiban set things straight, making her choice between “love and money” during her guesting for Kapamilya Chat.

The Walang Hanggang Paalam actress stressed the transforming power of love. She further discussed that not everyone is lucky enough to have both love and money, and that’s when decision-making becomes crucial. But at the end of the day, love is still the key to genuine happiness, “Hindi ka magiging malungkot sa buhay basta nagmamahal ka at natatanggap mo ‘yung pagmamahal na ‘yun pabalik.

So when asked to take her pick, Angelica would wish to have both. But, perhaps based on her past romantic experiences, she’d want to feel luckier in love this time. After all, the money will come as long as you are diligent and hardworking.

“’Yung pera andiyan lang ‘yan kikitain mo pero ang love kahit anong gawin mo, pwede ka pa rin saktan ng partner mo, hindi mo mako-control yan. Hindi tulad ng pera, pwede kang magtipid. Sa love, medyo mahirap siyang ma-achieve sa akin so mas gusto ko ang love.”


Charlie Dizon and Jameson Blake

Young love often goes through a slope of trials as the couple grow their relationship and at the same time move into adulthood.

Charlie Dizon and Jameson Blake tackled the subject of self-growth in the realm of love and romance as they promote their MMK episode “Love and Adulting.” Charlie said she believes in the power of first love, saying that as long as maintained through healthy communication, it can last until forever because as the old aphorism goes, “Kung kayo, kayo talaga.”

She further discussed the complex idea of timing and waiting.  Charlie acknowledged that most women talk about timelines, considering the biological clock. But she thinks relationships aren’t solely based on numbers. People have different priorities. “For me, depende ‘yan sa goal ng tao. What if ‘yung tao, hindi naman ready mag-pamilya or hindi ‘yun ang mission niya in this life? Hindi dapat magpadala sa pressure kasi iba-iba naman ang timeline ng tao. Iba-iba ang events na nangyayri sa buhay natin.”

For Jameson, nothing is more accurate than the hands of the universe. “Sometimes, things happen when you least expect it. It’s all about how you mature as a person, self-growth as well, setting your priorities in life.”


Maris Racal

“Your love is a song, can’t stop singing it. Your love is too pretty but it’s not for me,” says the chorus part of Maris Racal’s self-written single “Not for Me,” which she said is seasoned with bits of her tangiest love experiences.

For Maris, saying ‘no’ to someone we love isn’t necessarily selfish or evil. Sometimes, it just feels right to prioritize self-love and thrive on our own. She said we often exalt people left broken but we rarely hear those who leave. She emphasized that walking out on something special is also valid if you only foresee more pain coming.

She’s rejected some suitors in the past as well. But when it comes to keeping a relationship, Maris said that she’s the type to hold on until her last strength.


Elisse Joson

Exploring the message behind her love single “Halika Na,” Elisse Joson talked about waiting in silence and loving without expecting anything in return. When she was younger, Elisse expected to always receive more than the love she could give. But this changed over time. She realized that true love means giving your all even if it’s not reciprocated. Love entails risks, of showing how you feel no matter what the consequences might be. But there must be boundaries as well.

She further expounded on happiness found outside romantic relationships. For her, love also means spending time with friends, family, and the people who are right for you.


Maricel Soriano

We got to witness the youthful side of Diamond Star Maricel Soriano as she talked about friendship as the best foundation of a romantic relationship.

The ‘hugot’ about starting a new romance came out when the veteran actress was asked to describe young stars Kira Balinger and Grae Fernandez, who she said exude so much chemistry on and off cam. She gave the teenagers a solid advice about starting a relationship.

“Ang pinakamagandang part diyan sa ganyang mga age, dapat magkaibigan muna para ‘yun ang foundation ng kanilang relationship,” said the celebrated actress who doesn’t close the idea of seeing love teams fall in love for real.

On the advice she gave to Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin’s KiRae, the veteran star shared, “Sabi ko, ‘Anak, mag-usap kayong dalawa. Maging friends kayo muna. Gusto ko friends muna kayo. Mag-enjoy kayo. Try n’yo baka mag-click kayong dalawa, you’ll never know’.”

Let these Kapamilya stars give you all the ‘feels’ today!