KSnaps Celebrities with tattoos

While some don’t take tattoos seriously as they tend to go with them according to how they feel at a certain moment, others really make sure that every design that will be inked on their precious bodies is meaningful and worth the pain. 

Since it’s going to be permanent or hard to erase, they ascertain to find designs that absolutely represent their personalities or important parts of their lives, such as the celebrities in this Kapamilya Snaps feature.

Anne Curtis

We may not see them every time she’s in front of the camera or poses for photos for pictorials, but Anne actually has a collection of dainty tattoos. As she tags herself as a “Pursuer of Dreams,” the It’s Showtime host has the word “dream” inked in the shape of a thin cross on her right wrist and a cute pink heart and sparkles tattoo on her left wrist that she got during her separate trips to South Korea in the past years.

Donny Pangilinan

Those who have been avidly watching Can’t Buy Me Love may have spotted the tattoos of Donny as his character, Bingo, is fond of wearing sando. He has a crescent moon tattoo on the side of his right wrist, which he got on his 21st birthday, and a scribble on his left arm just below the back of his elbow.

Ivana Alawi

She may not be shy in showing some skin, but you might not have noticed the tattoos of Ivana. The FPJ’s Batang Quiapo star has the French phrase “Je’maime” inked under her left boob, which translates to “I love myself”. She also has a butterfly on her back she previously explained means “rebirth.”

Paulo Avelino

He may only seldom post on Instagram, but Paulo has been generous enough to share handsome photos of him, including the ones that flex his tattoos. He has a couple of visible tattoos on his left forearm, which includes a geometric one. 

In a social media post in 2021, the Linlang lead actor shared a snap of him displaying his body – including his tatts – during a fashion show and captioned it: “I would never encourage people to get tattoos. But, my tats are here to remind me why I have to keep on living. That's the only reason why it's inked on my body.”

Kim Chiu

Unlike Paulo, the Linlang leading actress has only one small tattoo, yet it is extremely meaningful. Just in case you missed it, she had herself inked with a small black dot on the side of her left wrist, which is a matching one with her “AngBeKi” besties Angelica Panganiban and Bela Padilla. They had it in 2019 as a sign of their solid friendship.

Piolo Pascual

In recent years, many local and foreign tourists have traveled to Buscalan, Kalinga not just to marvel at its natural beauty, but to also get themselves inked by the famous sprightly centenarian mambabatok or indigenous tattoo artist Apo Whang-od. And one of them is Piolo, who chose to have the popular three dots and four arrows that point in different directions.

JM de Guzman

If this is a contest of who has the greatest number of tattoos, we can vouch for JM as one of the frontrunners since he has a variety of inks all over his body, particularly in his arms. 

In July 2020, the Linlang actor shared photos of his new tatts, which were the word “diwa” and an image of a huge eye on his left arm. The following year, he added the date “June 28, 2013” written in Roman numerals on his other arm, which signifies his first rehabilitation period. Apart from these, he also got himself inked in other parts of his body, including huge and intricate ones on his thigh and his upper back.

Andrea Brillantes

Probably the youngest celebrity on this list, Andrea has never been shy in expressing herself through the looks that she wears and the inks on her body. Her most visible tattoos are the three dots on her left wrist and a rose on her right. The Senior High lead star also has a “guard your heart” tattoo written in cursive on her left forearm and a rose drawn in red ink on her right wrist. 

Moreover, she has the angel number “111” tattooed on her left back, too, which is said to have something to do with confidence, new beginnings, motivation, and independence.

Janella Salvador

In the 10 years that she has been in showbiz, Janella has already portrayed a number of roles, with the iconic villainess Valentina in the 2022 TV adaptation of Mars Ravelo’s Darna being one of the most remarkable. And to mark that significant feat, she got herself a snake tattoo on her left hip, which she debuted by posting a swimsuit snap taken during a vacation in Palawan. And in June 2023, she proudly flexed her new ink, which is a thin red band around her left ring finger.

Kaila Estrada

We may not see it every time she appears on-screen, but Kaila actually has several tattoos all over her body. One of which is the lavender flower at the side of her left rib. The Can’t Buy Me Love actress also has the angel number “444” written in red ink on her left hip, then the popular Spanish phrase “que sera, sera” and the Bible verse “1 Corinthians 16:14”.

Lovi Poe

Her beloved Papa, the late King of Philippine Movies Fernando Poe Jr. may be no longer with us, but Lovi made sure to honor him by getting herself inked with the phrase that reminds her of him – “My Gravity.” It can be seen on the left side of her torso, which is one of the most painful body parts to get tattooed on. The FPJ’s Batang Quiapo star previously explained in an interview that it has been him who keeps her grounded everywhere life takes her. 

Sue Ramirez

Another contender for the greatest number of tattoos in this list is Sue, who has plenty of pretty and dainty inks all over her body. She has a little red rose on her left wrist, as well as a sunflower and the words “dance”, “sail”, and “rise” that were taken from the lyrics of the OSTs of her 2018 film “Ang Babaeng Allergic Sa Wi-Fi”. Besides, the The Iron Heart actress also has a blue eye located on the back of her right arm, a rainbow streak on her upper right chest, and a red “X” on her right ring finger.

Heaven Peralejo

Ever since she joined Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7 in 2016, we already knew how tightly bonded Heaven is to her Mommy Luanne. And in order to further show it, she got matching tattoos with her in 2019, which is her very first one. They got two swallow birds each on their right wrists, which represent their love for travel.

Since then, the Linlang actress has added more to her collection, which includes an intricate arrow, as well as the words “found” and “surrender.”

Kyle Echarri

As his way of showing their endless love for their younger sister and the bunso of their family, Bella, who sadly succumbed to a brain tumor in 2022, Kyle and his older brother had themselves inked with a small red heart, which was drawn by her. The Senior High star had it on his right wrist.

Did these Kapamilya stars inspire you to get your first tattoo or help you decide which one to have on your next trip to a tattoo shop?